Thank you for the responses thus far. We are short of a couple of tents (6 places), if you can help in this regard/ you have a second tent then please let us know. We are also waiting on about 10 boys to confirm their attendance or not; we will need to confirm numbers for food by Wednesday, please. Let’s hope we have a continuation of the fine weather.

Friday, 23 June 2023

With what has become a Year 5 tradition and after the successful camp out last year, we have decided to have this year’s Camp Out for Year 5 at The New Beacon on the evening of June 23rd.

We are hoping there will be a sufficient number of tents available amongst Year 5 families for the boys to camp out that night. We will need to organise the boys into tents of no more than 6 and will involve the boys in this decision making.

This will be for one night only and there will be 4 members of staff on duty, and Matron will be on-hand as our designated First Aider. We will be organising several activities to keep the boys occupied, entertained and more importantly to exhaust them, in readiness for a good night’s sleep!

We will have a BBQ in the evening, various games and activities, and hopefully songs and marshmallows around the campfire. Mr Probert may even give us a rendition of Kum Ba Yah!

In the morning, we will have some bacon butties for breakfast before being collected at 9 a.m. Dietary requirements will be considered. In the event of inclement weather, we will hold some indoor activities and have a 9 p.m. collection.

When it comes to arranging the camping, we would appreciate some help on the day to put up the tents. If you are able to help, please let your son’s form teacher know. Similarly, if you have a tent available, please let us know the size of your tent.

It will be far easier for a parent to put up their own tent! Constructing the tents will be between 4.30 p.m. and 5.30 p.m. at the end of the school day. We will look after the boys from 4:30pm.

In the meantime, please could you let your son’s form teacher know via email of your interest in your son taking part in the Camp Out, whether you have a tent available and are able to construct it. Regarding dietary and medical needs, we will be accessing the information on file, with the kitchen and with Matron and we will ensure all dietary needs are catered for.

The cost will be £11.50, which will cover the cost of food and drink, for the evening and the morning, and this will be added to your school bill.

Form teachers:,,

Mr Vincent
Director of Studies