You may recall that last year every boy in the Pre-Prep and Junior School planted a seed or two in flowerpots to take home and grow on.

Given the number of pictures of the Sunflowers grown and sent in to usI think this project was a huge success! The boys had fun selecting which seed variety they wanted as well as potting up the flowerpots, taking them home and growing them on.  This year the Year two gardening club with Mrs Blyth and myself have already accomplished this, and the seedlings have already started emerging.

 It would be great if every boy in the Pre-Prep and Junior school could be involved.  The school will provide the compost and seeds, but we would ask each parent to provide one or two small flowerpots (recycled if possible).  These should be no larger than 912cm across to save on compost. There will be a choice of Sunflower, Calendula or Nasturtiums but one of each can be taken. Please bring them in no later than Monday, 26 June 

 I would also be grateful if you could send in a picture or two, of any of the plants growing or flowering, together with your boy in the picture so that they can be displayed on the school boards next term.  This is an “Eco Warrior” Initiative.

Mr Hutchison