Year 4 spent a wonderful day at RHS Wisley looking at desert and rainforest habitats, learning more about plant adaptations.  The boys loved exploring the different biomes in the Glasshouse, identifying plants which we have been learning about in class.

There was also time to explore the Adventure Playground, Mound and Wisley’s learning and research facility.  The day was topped off by eating ice cream in the sunshine.

Y4 Class Teachers

Bradley (4CS):
We boarded a coach at 9 o’clock in the morning but it took around two hours to get there!  I was famished!
We strolled down to a large, grassy meadow near the playground and had a hasty picnic before sprinting to the playground and playing tag.
Our next stop was the gigantic glasshouse.  Inside there were two zones; a rainforest zone and a cactus zone.  In the rainforest zone was a beautiful waterfall with a variety of different exotic plants such as banana trees.  This amazing paradise also had a platform to see what the canopy looks like.  The cactus zone was completely different.  The ground was gravelly and dry.  The air was far less humid.  Despite this, the cacti were brilliant!  They came in all different shapes and sizes and some even produced pink flowers!
After the marvellous glasshouse, we hiked up to the hilltop viewpoint where we even saw London!
We then visited a place, which was where we peered at specimens of plants.  It was all very interesting to see the plants in detail.
Our final stop was the ice cream shop where we each enjoyed a delicious ice cream or lolly before going back to school.
I think the trip was excellent (despite staining my shorts with melted ice lolly) and Wisley should be a place for all people to visit.
Ted B (4GH):
On Tuesday 20th June Year 4 went to visit Wisley RHS. I hated the journey because the driver went the wrong way and so it took two hours! When we got there, we all had lunch and played a zombie game in the gigantic playground. It had monkey bars, cargo nets and my favourite thing was the huge climbing frame with a narrow bridge. After that, my groups went up a giant hill to see sundial and Mrs Harris noticed a veggie garden. While we were walking to the glasshouse, I got excited because we saw a few Pitcher plants (I really like carnivorous plants!). The glasshouse had a tropical and desert area. There was a really cool waterfall in the tropical area which was very loud! The desert area was full of cacti and plants that have adapted to living in the desert, we got to draw some which was fun. At the end I got to have some yummy ice cream. I had salted caramel which is my favourite flavour! So, apart from the journey, it was the best trip ever!
Aniket (4CM):
We arrived safely, despite a small delay caused by navigation, and headed straight to lunch. After a short break in the playground, we set off for the glasshouse where we saw a variety of fascinating plants such as unique cacti, beautiful Bird of Paradise flowers and the incredible banana plant. We then headed towards a small hill where we saw a beautiful sundial.
We visited the hilltop research centre and learned about the many nutritious ways to enjoy broccoli, tomatoes and squash. We had a great experience with a button which produced soothing sounds of water flowing, birds chirping, leaves rustling and forest sounds. All of us then headed into the fruit and vegetable garden where we saw lots of familiar fruits and vegetables with unique names.
We enjoyed our ice-cream at the glasshouse and then happily boarded the coach to head back to school.
I had a great time and will always fondly recall my trip to Wisley!