On Monday, 19 June Y7 headed over to Reculver where the sun was shining in all its glory. The boys looked at the coastal processes (longshore drift) and features (cliffs and beaches) of the area, and the various land uses evident. A longshore drift practical was carried out by measuring slope angles with clinometers, and analysing pebble sizes and shapes, either side of groynes. We threw a tennis ball on string into the sea to show the wave movement along the beach. On the walk the boys saw how efforts, with sea defences, have been made to protect all that is special about Reculver. The boys saw the oyster hatchery, St. Mary’s church, Roman fort, farmland and caravan parks. Further out into the sea were sea fortresses, the Kent off shore wind farm and the bouncing bomb testing area closer by. Certainly plenty of fine Geography and History was on display over at Reculver, which the boys found of great interest and relevance.

Mr Ryde

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