Another fun day in the garden as the sun beat down on our enthusiastic gardeners.  The water butt was full, following the torrential downpour earlier in the week   However we needed another source of water, so this was carried around from the tap in by the wild garden.  Enthusiastic watering ensued as the boys set to watering the potatoes (which are now beginning to flower.)  The boys also watered the garlic, the onions, the strawberries and some other plants nearby.  While the bulk of water went onto the plants some boys got damp in the process as did my trainers!   

You may recall that last week we harvested the radishes and so this week we ate them.  Red, crispy, crunchy and peppery they all disappeared with obvious enjoyment.  The general consensus from the boys was that they were delicious.  Great fun. Well done boys a great crop grown by you and a great harvest enjoyed by you and us.

 Mrs Blyth & Mr Hutchison