Results: Summer Term 2023 Everitt Cup (Inter Company Shooting Competition)

The Cup requires a team of 6 boys. A pair of Juniors (Yr 6), a pair of Intermediates (Yr 7) and a pair of Seniors (yr 8) per Company, with the highest score (ex 600) winning.

The results are as follows:

The Summer 2023 contest of the Everitt Cup was won for the fourth time by Nelson, dislodging Marlborough’s grip on the Cup this year. This was a record win with the widest margin to second place (Wellington) since the inception of this competition. Nelson’s 3 cadet pairs (Junior – Y6, Inter – Y7 and Senior – Y8) all took the initiative under Captain Harrison Curd and expertly managed all their end of year conflicts to all shot their targets during competition week.

This is the second consecutive Summer Nelson have won the cup and close the gap to Marlborough & Wellington who have won it 5 times each. Congratulations Nelson for the perseverance & determination in improving their last term’s score by 4 points & getting the win following 2 second places to Marlborough this academic year.

Winners of the Everitt Cup:  

Nelson 521 ex 600

Nelson  Team

H. Curd (Captain), M. Abbott, T. Smith, N. Tam, L. Clarke, T. Li

Past Everitt Cup Holders since inception in 2018.

Summer 2018 Nelson 521
Autumn 2018 Wellington 525
Spring 2019 Wellington 547 (Record Competition Score)
Summer 2019 Wellington 513
Autumn 2019 Wellington 529
Spring 2020 Nelson 524
Summer 2020 Not Contested due to Covid
Autumn 2020 Marlborough 518
Spring 2021 Not Contested due to Covid
Summer 2021Marlborough & Wellington 518
Autumn 2021Drake 530
Spring 2022 Marlborough 517
Summer 2022 Nelson 487
Autumn 2022 Marlborough 501
Spring 2023 Marlborough 528
Summer 2023 Nelson 521