In the last two iterations of the Hammond Cup this academic year we came 7th (which wasn’t a representative performance from our boys) and 3rd equal. This term (like the last) I was wishing for better consistency.

Again, consistency was our Achilles heel. We never got an entire team shooting close to their best, usually with someone having an off spell. Sending our targets away I knew we hadn’t done enough.

Our highest scoring team scored 13 points less than our highest scoring team last term which is not what we are expecting in the summer term.

However it would appear that most schools had a dip in performance apart from the winners who added a couple of points over last term and won it deservedly.

As is always the rule, with hindsight the Team selections could have been better with our highest 4 scores coming to 373, sufficient to share victory.

On the theme of sharing, following our defeat away to St Andrew’s this term the shooting team were looking to get even. As it happens our B team managed to tie with both St Andrew’s A & B team on 358. It was all so close with our A’s in 7th place just 3 points behind our B’s.

Our C & D team were placed 9th & 8th respectively in a total field of 13. Our D team is the Development side and they did really well for participating in their first competition.

Congratulations to Team B for being our highest scoring side:

Jake L., Christopher M., Hugh S., Thomas S. – 358

PSRA Hammond Cup Spring Term – Summary

1     Port RegisA373 (ex 400)
2    Port RegisB365
3= The New BeaconB358
3= St Andrew’sA358
3= St Andrew’sB358
6= ArdvreckA356
7= The New BeaconA355

Didier Prongue