We started the day by waiting for 30 minutes for the coach which was stuck in heavy traffic. Then we hopped onto the enormous bus and I sat next to Freddie and Peter. It only took 15 minutes to get there when we arrived a man open the door. Then we met a lady called Liz who took us on a tour of the castle. The most scary thing was a person glaring at us. Then we had our lunch, and I played my Pokémon cards. Next we went to the games room and my favourite thing was playing with a toy castle. Afterwards we went to the ice cream shop. I had an Oreo ice cream with a flake. Then we got on the coach to go back to school and I sat next to Harry and Peter.
By Rui
As the blazing heat shone against the castle walls a few curious children including me wandered around in the ancient castle. We saw some amazing rooms including the disgusting toilet that flushed into the moat, so this certainly would put the enemy off attacking! There were many deadly traps including the portcullis. We then had our lunch in the Bailey followed by playing in the games room. My friends and I dressed up in armour with swords.
After that we went to the ice cream cafe and I had vanilla in a tub. Then we got on the bus and took a seat to return to school.
By Edward