A fun activity for the dinner party table (and also a question sometimes in scholarship/Townsend Warner history papers) is to imagine that you can invite anyone you like, drawn from different periods of history, with a variety of occupations and accomplishments to their name, to a fictional dinner party. Who would you ask and why and what question might you ask them? The last week of term provided an opportunity for something different with the children being taught in year groups and so we thought it would be fun to ask the boys in Year 7 whom they would invite. The results made for some very interesting reading and definitely worth sharing. There were some really interesting choices with perceptive questions to match: Achilles – oh what was your mother thinking when she forgot to dip your heel in the river Styx; Jesus sat next to Hitler – does forgiveness of sins extend to such evil? Neil Armstrong – what was it like to step on the moon? Or for the conspiracy theorists – did you really step onto the moon?! From the sporting world, we had Ronaldo, Messi, Maradona, Alli and Sachin Tendulkar – what do you think was your greatest goal or how do you feel about your ‘hand of God’ goal? So who is the ‘goat’, Ronaldo or Messi? Einstein – just how were you so clever or, best of all, tell us about your hair! JFK, Captain Edward Smith, Elon Musk, Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill, Jimmy Hendrix, Rowan Atkinson and one boy’s great great uncle who was head of MI6 during World War 2 were just a collection of some of the boys’ choices which showed great breadth of knowledge and interest. Boudicca and Julius Caesar were interesting choices as well following on from my presentation about Hannibal, my own hero, who nearly brought Rome to her knees in the 3rd century BCE. Well done, boys, I was impressed with the way you took the activity on board and the suggestions you came up with in your groups.

Mr Yeats-Brown