Despite the misgivings and doubts of the production team the year 8 play, thanks to the boys themselves, was a triumph.  In just eight rehearsals they pulled it out of the bag and after, what could only be described as a disaster of a dress rehearsal on the Monday morning the evening performance was sensational.  Somehow, they knew all their words (mostly in the right places), sang in the songs (mainly the correct verses) and acted and ad libbed with gusto. The result was a cracking show which the audience loved and more importantly the boys enjoyed.  The costumes and make-up (thanks to several mums) was superb and everyone looked their part – the mermaids must get a special mention here!  The boys have been an utter pleasure to work with and we were sorry when it was over.  Thank you to all who helped in so many ways, but the biggest thank you to the boys on and back stage for giving their all when it counted.

Mrs Yeats-Brown

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