The first full week has whizzed by and it has been lovely for myself and Mrs Beresford to welcome you and your boys to The New Beacon. The Early Years is such a special part of our school and The Early Years Team all hope that this year will be a fruitful one for us all. Thank you to everyone for helping your son to settle in so well.

Mrs Beresford and I will be writing to you each week about the areas of learning that we are going to cover the following week. I hope you will find this useful when discussing with your son what he has been doing at school and will help prepare him for the coming week. It will help prompt your discussions with him, and you will hopefully get more than; “I played”!

At the end of this letter you will find a link which contains all of the news from the activities we have done this week.

Early Years

Reading to your son is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. We have sent home a top tip guide, and here is a presentation for more support and ideas for when reading to your son.

All the children in the Early Years have started their short phonics sessions this week. The boys are first taught to name the mnemonic picture related to all the letters of the alphabet, and the pure sound. Please click here for a video to help you teach and practise saying the pure sounds with your son. Please also see this video for more information about the scheme. There will be more information to follow next week, and there is an in-person practical session for Reception parents on Friday, 6 October, at 2.15pm, in The Studio.

The children are all enjoying their lunches. You can see the menu on the school website here.  Next week will be week three. The only difference is that children in Nursery do not have fish; instead, they have a fish-free alterative on those days e.g. fish-free fish fingers.


Individual and Sibling Photographs – Monday, 18 September

This takes place in The Studio in the NBC and we request that if your son is in Reception that he wears his blazer to school on this day. He will sit for the photograph wearing his blazer, but no jumper.


Parent Group Support – Tuesday, 26 September

We are excited to host our very own Mrs Markies, a trained Parent Coach, for an informative chat for all Nursery and Reception parents regarding ‘School readiness’. There will be refreshments served from 2pm for a 2:15pm start. If you wish to attend, please complete this form.



There have been cases of impetigo in Reception. A notice to say that anyone with Impetigo should be excluded from school until lesions are scabbed/crusted over OR 48 hours AFTER starting antibiotic treatment.



This week saw a great start to our wide range of activities after school. A reminder that any boy can attend ‘the Early Years activities club’ from 3.30pm and can be collected at any time from the Nursery gate. All internal school clubs finish at 4:55pm and collection is from the Garden Pitch gate. If you would like your son to attend ‘the Early Years activities club’ after their club has finished, please email Mrs Harding to inform us. Any older brothers can join their youngest brother at their collection point. Any boys remaining at school beyond 5pm will be taken to After School Club and parents will be charged accordingly.



The Kent and Medway School Aged Immunisation Service is visiting us on 26 September to carry out the Flu Immunisation Programme for pupils in Reception to (and including) Y6.  Don’t  forget to consent or decline before the cut-off date via their website, then Scroll down and click on the blue button labelled “Child vaccination form” to complete the form .

You can also phone the team 0300 123 5205, text 07401320923 or use their web chat if you have any questions about your child’s immunisations.”




The Nursery letter sound of the week has been “m” and the children enjoyed learning different words that start with the sound “m” with Mrs Beresford. Next week’s letter sound is “a” so it would be really helpful if you could think about things that start with the sound a, not the letter name.



The Nursery children have enjoyed Music with Dr Maslin; the children have all remembered the songs they learned last week and have also begun learning the songs for our upcoming Harvest Concert which is on Monday 9th October, at 9.30am in our School Chapel.



They also met Mr Young and Mr Eisawy this week for their first PE session; this week was more getting to know the teachers and getting used to their surroundings. The children had a lovely time kicking footballs around the sports hall and then collecting them all up to put away.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

They have focused on brushing their teeth, and have practiced brushing the model teeth and the children all discussed the different colours of their own toothbrushes at home. Hopefully all the children have already visited a dentist, but if not, now would be a good time to go.



The boys have been practising counting; the children are encouraged to count how many children are at the table for lunch or snack time and when lining up to go out. They also used the new smart board to do lots of different activities supporting number recognition.


Understanding the World

We have been busy exploring our environment and Mrs Beresford took the children to look at our new Nursery building. They were incredibly excited about moving in! They particularly loved watching the diggers and the builders and now the scaffolding is down we can really see how wonderful it looks!  We have also had lots of fun in the garden using cable reels and off-cuts of wood to create walls, benches, bridges and so many more fun things. Using open-ended resources like this can really prompt the children’s imaginations.

Snack time also gives us lots of opportunities for learning, we talk about the different fruits and where they grow. The children used safety knives to cut up their own apple and could be encouraged to keep trying this skill at home.

The topic in Nursery next week will be “Colours”.




The Yellow Contact books are a form of communication between you and the teacher, alongside emails, and Teams Assignments (instructions to follow next week on this). Please use this to write how your son got on with the reading or writing activities we will provide. Also, if there are any other comments. Therefore, this will need to remain in the Book Bag every day.


Personal, Social and Social Development

We have talked about having good table manners and always remembering to say please and thank you. We have spent a lot of time talking about the Golden Rules and would be grateful if you would discuss and reinforce these at home. The boys have also been trying to learn the names of their new friends and we have talked about sharing the class resources and toys fairly. We have also shared circle times where they discussed their favourite things.


Class Rules

Our Class Rules – be gentle – be kind and helpful – listen and not interrupt – look after each other and our property – be honest and always tell the truth – try our best at all times



We will be introducing Reception Loved Books on Monday. We have selected popular, well known stories to be part of our ‘Loved Book’ collection. Most of these stories have a repetitive pattern. We would like you to share this book with your child over and over again so that they can re-tell this story even though they may not be able to read the words. This develops their vocabulary for writing, expression when reading, comprehension and most importantly, promote the love of books! Please ensure it is back by Friday so we can re-issue the books on Monday.

The boys have been trying to write their names, have done a little colouring in and have done lots of fine motor activities. We have also been assessing their knowledge of sounds, pencil grip, as well as basic reading and writing skills. The other side of Literacy is all about Speaking and Listening. They have also been talking to each other and ourselves during playtime, lunch and during their Child Initiated Activities in the classroom. We always talk about using their inside voices!



We have been learning about the number 1 this week and next week it is the number 2. Remember you can look all around you for numbers. You can also count lots of fun activities.


Sports Kit

The boys enjoyed their games session this afternoon. Please ensure that your son comes to school on Friday wearing his games kit. He will then change into his trainers here as they should already be in school. You do not need to send in school uniform as the boys will remain in their games kit. The boys have loved playing outside at playtimes, especially on the climbing frames and bikes and scooters. They also enjoyed their first experience of PE with Mr Young and Games on the Astro with Mr Eisawy and Mr Hutchison.

I wish you all a lovely weekend, and Mrs Beresford and all the EY Team look forward to seeing your lovely boys Monday morning.

Marie Taylor
Head of Early Years