Another week has passed by and thank goodness the weather seems to have cooled down a little. I suppose the minute it starts raining, we will be hankering after the sunshine again.

The boys in the Senior School seem to have got off to a positive start to the academic year. The buzz around the campus is good. Long may this last!

Activities commenced on Monday and the uptake has yet again been good. I hope that the boys will enjoy their chosen activities. A huge amount of appreciation for all the hard work that has gone into getting the activity programme up and running is extended to Mr Vincent and Mrs Ells.

We have also enjoyed our first Senior School football matches this week against DPS Cranbrook and are looking forward to a successful season. All the senior teams were victorious. Well done to the boys and coaches.

Results were as follows:
U13A won 5 – 0; U13B won 6 – 0; U13C won 7 – 0; U13D won 5 – 0

Thank you to all the parents who attended the Year 7 and 8 information evenings this week. It was good to meet with you and to know that we are all on the same page as we strive to do the very best that we can to support your son in his endeavours to succeed in all aspects of school life.

Here are a few notices that you should be aware of for the next few days and weeks: 

John Norman U13 7s Football Tournament – Saturday, 16 September

This annual tournament starts at 9.30am and should be completed by 1.00pm. Eight visiting schools and two New Beacon sides will be competing for the Cup and Shield. Last year’s cup winners were Hazelwood and the Shield winners were Saint Ronan’s. We were the losing finalists in the Cup competition.

The competing schools are Hazelwood, Saint Ronan’s, Solefield, Yardley Court, Hilden Grange, Holmewood House, Sevenoaks Prep, St Michaels and The New Beacon A and B teams.


Individual and Sibling Photographs – Monday, 18 September

On Monday, your son will be sitting for the annual individual photograph. Sibling photographs will also be taken on the day.

We request that the boys wear either their summer uniform with a tie and blazer or their winter uniform. In both cases, we will dispense with the sweater on the day. They should of course wear it to school on the day but leave it in the classroom when called to the NBC (The Studio).

Sibling photograph: The more senior sibling, with assistance from staff members, will be collecting their younger sibling(s), gather on the garden pitch outside the Pre-Prep building and then they will all be escorted to the NBC (The Studio).


Year 7 and 8 Reasoning – Tuesday, 19 September

This session will start at 4.30pm and end at 5.00pm. The reasoning sessions will be run by Mrs Yeats-Brown in room 23. These sessions are for all boys who will be sitting external examinations at senior schools this year.



The New Beacon Rifle Club with Mr Prongue commences on Monday, 18 September. Good luck boys! Do not forget to look at the timings posted in the school room by Mr Vincent.

A reminder for those in the Chess activity; Mr Emms has been selected for England and will be away on the 18 and 25 September. Boys should therefore be collected at the normal time, or they can go to prep.

There is some availability left for the following clubs:

DayTimeSpaces AvailableClubChargeableYear Group
Monday16.30 – 17.156 spacesChessYes5 – 8
Monday16.30 – 17.307 spacesDocumentaries and DiscussionNo5 – 8
Monday16.45 – 17.205 spacesDramaYes5 – 8
Tuesday16.00 – 17.306 spacesSwimmingYes5 – 8
Thursday16.30 – 17.154 spacesGenealogyNo6 – 8
Thursday16.30 – 17.004 spacesTop TrumpsNo5 – 8

If you would like your son to take part in any of the above listed clubs, please email the School Office.


U13 Football Matches – Wednesday, 20 September

Please refer to SOCS for team selections and other instructions from the coach.

U13A, C and E (H) and U13B and D (A)


Year 8 River Tillingbourne Geography Field Trip – Thursday, 21 September

 Mr Ryde have arranged for Year 8 boys to visit the River Tillingbourne. The boys will spend the majority of the day conducting river fieldwork, which they will bring back to school to eventually produce a project.  For more details and the permission form please click here.


Senior School Chapel Service in St George’s Chapel – Friday, 22 September

 Parents are welcome to attend the chapel service which starts at 4.45pm. The service normally finishes between 5.15 and 5.30pm. Parents are requested to collect their sons from outside the NBC as soon after the service as possible. Choir members should be collected from outside the Music and Art Centre.


Year 7 Senior Schools of Choice Form

 There are a number of parents who have yet to complete the form relating to Senior Schools of choice for September 2024. This form was emailed on Monday, 4th September. It is important that I get the requested information so that I can give this to the subject teachers. We are aware that some boys are still to write further entrance examinations. Should you wish to discuss your thoughts in relation to your choices, please do arrange to meet with myself and Mr Ribbans-Opara


Lost Property

 All items of uniform as well as games kit should have a label with your son’s name clearly visible. This assists us in returning any found items to the owner.


Mathematics A4 Lever-Arch – Files for Years 7 and 8

Might I respectfully request that your son has a large A4 lever-arch file for Mathematics for the following classes/sets: Year 7 Set 1 and Year 8 Set 1 and 2. These can be ordered on Amazon or purchased at W H Smith Cheaper at W H Smith!

Whilst referring to the file, please ensure that your son has a ruler, at least two pencils and a cheap geometry set for his Mathematics lessons. We have some boys who are arriving for lessons with no equipment.

It is not necessary for you to purchase a scientific calculator for Year 7, but it will be required for Year 8 boys W H Smith You may of course purchase your own choice of scientific calculator.


Maths Competition – Thursday, 28 September

 On Thursday, 28September we are holding our inaugural sons and parent/grandparent maths competition.  This is open to boys in years 3-8 only.  Each boy must be accompanied by one parent or a Grandparent (not an older sibling).  It is from 5:00pm-6:00pm in the Studio and entries are limited and on a first come first served basis.  If you would like your son to take part, please e mail with the name of your son and the accompanying adult.  We ask that the accompanying adult is not overly competitive, this is an inclusive, fun competition and we would like to see the boys answering many of the questions.


Elections for School Council

In keeping with the Democracy strand of British Values, next week we will be holding elections to our School Council. Boys in Year 5 to Year 7 will have the opportunity to stand for election as Form Representatives.

In Form Period next Tuesday they will speak to their class, explaining why they should be elected and their classmates will then cast their votes in the election on Friday morning.

In Year 8, boys are invited to stand as Presidential candidates, with the three boys gaining the most votes elected as President of the School Council, with two Vice-Presidents serving under him. Year 8 candidates will speak at a hustings in front of the Middle and Senior School, next Friday morning, before the boys from these two Sections cast their votes.

Election results will be announced by the New Beacon Returning Officer, Mr J. Vincent, Esq. during Friday lunchtime. If you are in Year 7, and wish to stand for Form Representative, please give your name to your Form Tutor by the end of the day on Monday, 18 September.

If you are in Year 8 and wish to stand for President, please see Mr Ribbans-Opara, along with your two A4 Campaign posters by the end of the day on Monday, 18 September.


Office 365 Passwords

Over the summer a number of updates were rolled out which have affected the boys’ access to Office 365.  The main upside of this is that they should be able to access any piece of work completed and saved in lessons at home through their OneDrive app on Office 365.  It also means that their password for Office 365 has changed: for most boys it will be the same password they use to log in to the school network.

The Year 5s have had their passwords updated last night and should have a label stuck into their contact books with their new credentials.

The boys’ email addresses have also been updated to the format, where 15bloggsj will be the same username they use to log on to the school network.

Please email Mr O’Prey if you continue to have any issues.



A reminder that breaktime snacks should be healthy options.  Please also remember that these snacks and any other food/drink brought into school should not contain any nuts.

That then is the roundup for the week and news of what lies ahead.


Form Reps

If you are not sure who your Class Rep is or have yet to make contact, please email so that we can help put you in touch with the group.


I hope that you all have a pleasant and safe weekend.


Eddie Knipe
Head of Senior School