Let’s see what we have been up to this week!

Sorting in Reception

The boys have been sorting different objects by colour, shape, type etc. This is something that you can continue to do at home. Finding all the blue toys, or matching objects by their size etc. We have also done lots of counting and number recognition this week.

ICT in Reception

The boys had their first ICT lesson. We practised basic mouse control and learned how to do the ‘down/up’ click. Many of the boys have clearly not used a computer mouse before. They are mostly used to a touch screen. If you do have one at home we would love the boys to practise holding it correctly and using their ‘pointy’ finger to do the down/up to select.

Nursery Faces

Our topic this week has been “Marvellous Me” and we have enjoyed all sorts of fun activities surrounding this. We used a mirror to look at our own faces and then created a collage picture on a paper plate that is on display on the wall in Nursery.