The weather this week has definitely taken a turn, but we have really enjoyed exploring our school and enjoying our learning in The Early Years. There are a few dates for you here so please do read through all the information.

Head’s Art Competition – entitled ‘New Beginnings’. 

All entries must be A4 size but can be either landscape or portrait.  All entries must be in by the end of half term.


A Reminder About our ‘School Readiness’ Workshop

Following on from last year’s successful talk on ‘School Readiness’, we are offering it again to Nursery and Reception parents and are including more information about the development of learning and skills in the Reception class. If you attended the sessions last year, it will be a good opportunity for you to revisit these themes, but also gain more knowledge. We would also like to share ways in which you can support your child at home and what support the school will be offering you and your child this year. Please join us on Tuesday, 26 September  from 2.15pm -3.30pm in the NBC, and coffee and tea will be provided from 2pm. Please let us know you are coming by clicking here.


Wrap Around Care

Breakfast Club and After School Club can still be booked on the school’s website. Please book no later than Sunday for the week ahead. When attending After School Club and you are delayed in picking up your son, please phone the school office on 01732 452 131 before 5pm, or the Wraparound Care mobile number (07879 427740) after 5pm, when the school office closes.


Individual Photos

The individual photos went well this week and there were some amazing cheesy grins! We will send home the proofs for you as soon as they arrive!


Flu Immunisation Reminder

The Kent and Medway School Aged Immunisation Service is visiting us on 26 September to carry out the Flu Immunisation Programme for pupils in Reception to (and including) Y6.  The closing date has now passed. You can also phone the team 0300 123 5205, text 07401320923 or use their web chat if you have any questions about your child’s immunisations.


Music and Harvest Service

The boys have enjoyed their music lessons with Dr Maslin this week and are continuing to learn their songs about Harvest Time. Please do try to come along and watch the very special services.
Nursery Harvest Service is Monday, 9 October at 9:30 am.
Reception Harvest Service is Thursday, 12 October at 9.30am.
These will be held in our St George’s Chapel on the school site.

We would be most grateful for donations of non-perishable food as well as one piece of fruit or a vegetable to make a harvest basket from your son’s harvest gifts. This food will be donated to the Sevenoaks Larder and the Loaves and Fishes Foodbank, both of which support families across the Sevenoaks District. Your son should bring these gifts to their classroom, and if any parents are interested in helping to create a Harvest display in the week commencing 25 September, do please get in touch with Mr Swann.


Please now read your relevant section for Nursery or Reception.



The focus this week in Nursery has been learning about colours.

Personal Social and Emotional Development

The children have matched colours in pairs, finding objects around the Nursery. After listening to the Colour Monster story the boys spoke about their own feelings and emotions.


Physical Development

We have enjoyed exploring our lovely New Beacon surroundings this week. We worked really hard threading coloured beads onto string to follow colour patterns. This is a great activity to gain a strong tripod grip. We made lots of coloured handprints that we then cut out to create a beautiful rainbow that is on one of our display boards. This week we also enjoyed playing pirate games in PE with Mr Young and Mr Eisawy. Cosmic Yoga has been well-received and we flew into space and visited the beach! The older children also went swimming with Mrs Bridgeman.


Communication and Language

We have had lots of fun talking about our favourite colours, we also mixed paints together and spoke about the new colours we made by doing so. On a nature walk around the grounds we found lots of colours, we really enjoyed seeing the different coloured leaves.


Expressive Art and Design

We have begun to learn how to “sign” I can sing a rainbow. Just a little more practice needed with this one. We have coloured our own Colour Monsters that are also on display in Nursery.

We used a salad spinner to mix colours, added a circle of paper to the salad spinner and then poured paint on top, closed the lid and turned the handle to spin the paper and paint. This made a fantastic pattern and some new colours. Plus we had to use our muscles to spin the salad spinner!



Letter sound of the week has been “m” this week. Next week it will be the sound “a”. We have also read many stories including The Colour Monster story and this has led onto many fun activities and discussions.



We have explored how to use rulers; we have measured coloured pencils. We also used our treasure box to hide gems inside, we then sorted the gems into colours and counted them.

Next week’s theme in Nursery will be Autumn.


The boys have survived another week although we are certain they will all sleep well over the weekend! Moving around the school for various activities is a lot for the boys to take in and we must say they have coped well. It is very different from attending a Nursery fulltime and the boys are doing really well to settling into their daily routine, getting used to their class, and are beginning to remember to unpack their bags and hang up their caps and blazers in the correct place.


Physical Development

The boys have enjoyed balancing, crawling and jumping in PE, their football session in Games this week and have had a few swimming lessons this half term and we are very impressed with their enthusiasm for this lesson, and they all listened well to Mrs Bridgeman who is our fantastic Swimming Teacher. We ask that you start to help your son, by not helping him dress himself. It would be helpful if he could practise putting on his socks and shoes as a starting point. We have practiced getting dressed and undressed and using a knife and fork at lunch time. It would also be helpful if you could ensure your son uses the correct cutlery for mealtimes, ie holding both a knife and fork and to use a spoon only for dessert. Also, generally we don’t use our fingers at mealtimes. Some things to practise at the weekend! An area that some boys also find tricky is cutting with scissors. We are sure they would love to cut up some old magazines at home, something you could easily do with them. We have put a pair of scissors in the book bag for you to practise with at home.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We have talked about ‘feelings’ this week with the introduction of a special story called ‘The Colour Monster’. The 6 feelings are; happy, sad, calm, angry, fear and love. Each feeling is represented by a different colour. The boys coloured in the feelings jars and talked about what made them feel each of the feelings. Each morning the boys are encouraged to put their named stick into a pot with their current feeling, and then discussions occur related to their feelings and how to address any worries etc.

We have also been busy reiterating the Class Rules and learning each other’s names. Please recap the Rules with your son over the weekend which we have sent home. It is always tricky for children to learn to share, play with new people, take turns etc. We constantly remind the boys of these rules, and we hope all boys quickly learn the rules.


Snack Reminder- NO NUTS!

A reminder that breaktime snacks and any other food/drink brought into school should not contain any nuts. We have had two near miss incidents in the school last week where boys brought in a snack containing nuts and were eating it next to a boy with a nut allergy.



This week we have continued our Read Write Inc. sessions, and we are learning the Set 1 Sounds. We have sent home a small green booklet called My Set 1 Speed Sounds Book. Please look at the front cover for instructions. The letters we have covered over the past two weeks are dated. Please only practise writing these 10 sounds from the booklet. m,a,s,t,d,i,p,n,g,o. Please return this green booklet, and all the other items from the blue plastic wallet each day so we can continue to add to them. The boys have also been practising to write their name this week. Please find a white board pen and a laminated card for you to keep at home to continue to practise with.


Save the Date

On Friday, 6 October we have a Parent talk on Read Write Inc. for all Reception parents and any new Year 1/2 parents. It will be held at 2:15pm in The Studio.


Castle Farm Visit

Unfortunately, due to the weather this summer, there were very few apples on the trees at Castle Farm and so we have had to cancel our visit there. We shall be arranging another visit to Pumpkin Moon just before half term, so please wait for more details on this next week.



We have focused on the number 2 this week and have been thinking about things that come in pairs and learning to write the number two correctly. We have also done lots of counting, number recognition and ordering.

We have also introduced Numicon to the boys. This resource links numbers to colours and is a very hands on way to teach the boys about numbers, addition, subtraction and problem solving. One of the activities they did was to match the number 5 with 5 things and find the Numicon piece that represents 5. We have also been learning to count different objects accurately and always encourage the boys to line up things to count them accurately and to touch each object as they count. This 1 to 1 correspondence is a vital skill and lots of practice at home will help the boys to consolidate this skill. Next week we shall be focusing on the number 3 and learning about 2D shapes. Please go on a shape spotting walk at home and send us the photos of what shapes you have found.


Understanding the World

We have been looking at the Human Lifecycle and the boys have sequenced various pictures to demonstrate their understanding. We have talked about the cycle life moves in, and the boys have enjoyed talking to us about their family.

Please bring in a family photo and a baby photo next week so we can discuss our families and the people who are important to us.


For the boys second ICT lesson they learned how to ‘drag and drop’ using their mouse, as well as consolidating their mouse control and ‘down-up’ click. Lots of practice over the weekend playing the games and holding their mouse properly will definitely be time well spent. Here are a couple of links to fun games we played to practise these basic skills; (Underwater Counting, Feed the Teddy, Three Bears and Fuzz Bugs Sorting. The use of a desktop computer at home has declined since the introduction of an i-Pad/ handheld device, but it is still important to develop these skills at home and at school.

I wish you all a lovely weekend and look forward to welcoming as many of you that can make our Early Years Parent Workshop on Tuesday.

Mrs Marie Taylor
Head of Early Years

Please follow the link below to see this week’s highlights.