This week we saw the first of our Harvest celebrations for the Middle School. The boys rose to the occasion and sang and spoke beautifully. We would like to thank all of you who donated to our collection. We know this is greatly appreciated by families in the wider community that rely on the food banks we support. As the weeks pass, it is lovely to see the boys participate in a wider variety of activities. There are the multitude of sporting fixtures, as you would expect, and this coming week will also be our first Middle School informal concert of the year. Good luck to all those involved.

There are several notices below for all parents so please do read the with care.

Tonbridge Interviews
A number of Y6 boys will be visiting Tonbridge for their interviews for entry over the coming weeks. A reminder that your son must be collected and signed out from the main school reception between 1:00pm and 1:15pm on the day of his interview. Boys must wear their school uniform and will not be returning to school that day. Please remember to send a reminder to Mr Probert ( once your chosen senior school(s) has confirmed your son’s interview date as not all schools pass this information on to us. We can then ensure he is ready for collection at the right time and this will also enable us to arrange a ‘top-up’ interview session before his senior school visit.


Year 6 Prep
From Monday there will be no Humanities prep set for Year 6 until after the ISEB tests on mid-November. In place of this, Y6 boys will find they have been set Atom Prep on those evenings. The boys should be spending around 30/40 minutes on Atom for these preps and use their school log in details.


Year 6 PGL Letter
Please find the letter regarding the Year 6 PGL Trip here.


Prep and Homework reminder
Your son will be set prep every evening other than a Wednesday, and this should take him between 30-40 minutes per subject. Prep is compulsory and it is our expectation that he completes it – school work should take priority over work set by tutors, etc. If your son is spending considerably more time than the allotted 30-40 minutes on a task, do ask him to stop and email the teacher concerned directly. Such feedback enables us to adjust preps accordingly to ensure we are setting tasks of an appropriate duration.

If your son attends the afterschool prep sessions, a reminder that collection should be from the ICT Room in TNBC no later than 5:20pm.


Parent/son Maths Competition – Thursday, 5 October
We are looking forward to seeing many of you at our inaugural parent/son maths competition on Thursday.  All entries have been confirmed and there is a waiting list in case of a faily dropping out due to unforeseen circumstances.  We ask you to arrive at the NBC at about 5pm for a tea or coffee before we start, and hope to finish by about 6pm.


Head’s Art Competition
Calling all budding artists, the inaugural Head’s Art Competition is running until the end of half term giving plenty of time to pick up the pencils/paintbrushes/oils or crayons! The entry should be A4 size but can be portrait or landscape and the theme for this term is ‘New Beginnings’. The winning entries will be exhibited in Mrs Brownsdon’s Study.


Middle School Informal Concerts
The following Informal Concerts will be taking place in M1 of the Music and Art Centre on the next two Mondays of term. We look forward to welcoming you to our first Informal Concerts of the year.

Year 5 and Year 6 Informal Concerts – Autumn Term 2023


Cross Country Club
The boys have made a tremendous start to Cross Country this term and we are delighted to see such enthusiasm. Unfortunately, the number of enthusiastic parents is now resulting in staff not being able to park in the morning!  Please could we ask parents to drop their children for Cross Country rather than stay and watch so that the car parking spaces are released. We will be sure to take some photographs of your boys to share in the Friday Report.


Named items and lost property
A request that all items sent into school are named – this helps greatly reduce lost property and will help any lost items make their way back to your son. This includes Tupperware and the like for snacks – there is a steadily growing pile of un-named snack boxes getting bigger by the day! There is a large lost property bin outside the Science Block and parents are encouraged to check this as a first port-of-call should an item go missing.


Chess help request
Mr Braidwood runs Chess Club for Years 1 and 2 on a Wednesday afternoon between 4:00pm and 5:00pm. He has asked that any budding Chess players interested in helping run the club let him know, as he is seeking assistance from older boys to help the younger members of the club learn the game. If your son would like to help, please let Mr Braidwood know by emailing him directly:


After School Care Mobile Phone
If you are delayed in picking up your son, please phone the school office on 01732 452 131 before 5pm, or the Wraparound Care mobile number (07879 427740) after 5pm, when the school office closes.

Georgia Harris
Assistant Head of Middle School