Congratulations to the following Year 8 boys who have been elected as prefects: –

Alberto S-W, Harry G, Thomas S, Jake L, Jasper J and Harry F.

There is the opportunity for more boys to be elected to this role later in the year.

They and the newly elected School Council members received their badges from Mrs Brownsdon at our Monday morning assembly in St George’s Chapel.

Mrs Brownsdon’s message at this assembly centred around the boys needing to wear The New Beacon uniform with pride, viz. shirts tucked in, shoe laces tied and ties worn properly. With this message in mind, please do remind your sons that they must be wearing their blazers to and from school.

We had the privilege of listening to Tristan H-C’s beautiful rendition of Caro Mio Ben by Giuseppe Giordani at the start of the assembly. We will have more boys singing or playing a musical piece at these Monday assemblies. We do have some talented musicians.

On Saturday, 23 September The New Beacon nine-man squad played in the IAPS National Qualifiers 7s tournament at Rokeby School. The boys played well in the group stage and they gained maximum points. In the quarter finals we lost 2 – 1 in our encounter with Hoe Bridge Prep, their winning ‘golden goal’ being scored in extra time.

Unfortunately, we will not be going to the Nationals, as only the four semi-finalists qualify. The boys played some enterprising football and had we not hit the crossbar twice in normal time against Hoe Bridge we may well have qualified. It must also be said that their goalkeeper made some outstanding saves to keep them in the game.

On Wednesday, 27 September, the same squad made it to the final of the Shapira Cup, which was played at King’s, Canterbury. We lost 2 – 0 to Holmewood House, but according to Messrs Bromwich and Tomic, we had our chances to score, but some uncharacteristic errors accounted for the two goals scored against us. Tough week for the team, but they will bounce back without a doubt and enjoy the remainder of the football season.

The boys who represented The New Beacon at both the tournaments: –

Alex C, Harry F (captain), Alex P, Thomas P, Frederick P, Alex M, Max H, Alex E and Jack B.

Alex M stepped in as goalkeeper for the Shapira Cup as Alex C was not available.

 Here are a few notices that you should be aware of for the next few days and weeks: 

Year 8 Battlefields Trip Monday, 2 to Wednesday, 4 October

The Year 8 cohort are off to Belgium/France on Monday to visit various battlefields. The boys will learn much on this trip as Mr Vincent has expert knowledge relating to the history associated with the regions we shall be visiting. On our previous visit, some of the boys were able to find a family member’s name on a wall of remembrance, having done much research prior to the visit. If there are any final queries relating to the trip, please do contact Mr Vincent

Remember that it is an early 05 15 departure from The New Beacon Centre on Monday morning. Please do not arrive too early. Entrance gates will be open at 04 45.


Senior School Harvest Festival

It is the Senior School Harvest Service on Friday, 6 October and we would be most grateful for donations of non-perishable food for your son’s harvest gifts. This food will be donated to the Sevenoaks Larder and the Loaves and Fishes Foodbank, both of which support families across the Sevenoaks District. Your son should leave these gifts on the tables at his drop-off point, or bring them to the chapel porch.

If any parents are interested in helping to create a Harvest display in the week commencing 25 September, do please contact Mr Swann.


Idling Vehicles on the School Campus

Some may not realise that by leaving the engine running for convenience or to keep the heater or air conditioning running that you are contributing to harmful particle emissions that can damage your son’s health.

Every minute your vehicle is idling it produces enough emissions to fill 150 balloons. It goes without saying, if all vehicles stop idling, there would be a significant improvement in the air quality for our boys on the school campus.

We respectfully request that you switch off your engine whilst waiting for your son at the end of the school day or if you are stuck in the traffic on the drive around the school.


Head’s Art Competition

Calling all budding artists, the inaugural Head’s Art Competition is running until the end of half term giving plenty of time to pick up the pencils/paintbrushes/oils or crayons! The entry should be A4 size but can be portrait or landscape and the theme for this term is ‘New Beginnings’. The winning entries will be exhibited in Mrs Brownsdon’s Study.


Names on All Personal Items

We have been inundated with all sorts of lost property in the past few weeks. Some are named, but many are not and this then makes it rather difficult to find the owner. The number of plastic Tupperware containers that are thrown away at the end of each term is just not right on many fronts. Please ensure that all items of clothing as well as Tupperware containers are clearly marked.


Year 7 and 8 Appeal for Old Toys and Games for After Care

If you have any old toys or games lying around at home that are merely gathering dust and not being used anymore, we certainly can find a good home for them. A few Year 8 boys suggested that they could be donated to the After Care. If you would like to donate, please can your son bring the toys or games to the 8C form room (room 1) during the registration period in the morning.



It is common for boys and parents to experience a ‘rude awakening’ when they enter the Senior School, with the amount of prep that is expected of them.  They are by no means overburdened, and in fact preps are no more demanding of a boy’s time than they would be had he moved on to a secondary school at 11.

In the Senior School, boys should expect to have to do homework after school.  As a rough guide, boys may expect about one hour’s prep per night.  In Year 8, particularly as examinations approach, it may be necessary for pupils to do more than this.

Occasionally, it can seem that boys are overloaded with work.  Parents should be aware, however, that some teachers would give their pupils a week to complete a prep.  If a pupil decides to ‘save’ all his preps until the weekend, he will indeed have a vast amount of work to get through.  Parents might wish to check their son’s Contact Book each evening to ensure he avoids a build-up of work.

Should your son really be struggling with the prep that has been set, especially when a new concept has been taught, it would be best for parents to email the relevant subject teacher. The staff member can then set out some time to assist your son.


Reflective Armbands

Your son will soon be issued with a set of yellow reflective armbands. These are to be worn on his blazer/overcoat.

£2.50 will be billed to your account. Should you, however, not want these armbands because your son still has his from last year, please email your son’s form teacher.

Once your son has received his armbands, he must print his name and form on them.


Appointments / Communication with Staff / Staff Emails

If a parent has a concern that he/she would like to discuss with a member of staff, he/she should e-mail the member of staff to arrange a convenient time to meet.

It is always helpful if parents indicate in advance, what they wish to discuss, so that the teacher may obtain relevant information in advance of the appointment, if necessary.

Parents are encouraged not to come into school to see a teacher without prior notice unless the matter is urgent.

Staff who teach in the Senior School (please click on the name to email):

Mr E Knipe
Assistant Head (Administration) / Head of Senior School Maths / Games / Form Teacher 8C

Mrs J Yeats-Brown
Deputy Head / Head of Maths / Form Teacher 8A

Mr J Vincent
Director of Studies / Head of History / Games / OLL

Mr B Yarrow
Head of English / Games / Form Teacher 8B

Mr A. Ribbans-Opara
Head of French / Games / Athletics

Mr J Bromwich
Head of PSHE/RSE / French / Games

Mr E Yeats-Brown
French / Games / Latin

Mr T Swann
Head of Classics / RS / Philosophy / Lay Chaplain

Mr T Probert
Head of Middle School / Maths / Games

Mr S Ryde
Head of Geography

Mr A Woodard
English / Games

Mr D Burton
Head of Science / Games

Mr K Solan
Science / Games

Mr T Barratt
Head of DT

Mr M O’Prey
Head of ICT / Games

Mrs E Jackson
Head of Art

Dr E Maslin
Director of Music

Mrs L Piercy
Classroom Music

Mrs P Bridges
Head of Learning Support

You can contact teachers by e-mail, or alternatively, The email will be forward to the relevant person for you. Be aware that teachers may not always be able to read emails immediately.


Chess Request for Assistance

Mr Braidwood runs the Chess Club for Years 1 and 2 on a Wednesday afternoon between 4:00pm and 5:00pm. He has asked that any budding Chess players interested in helping run the club to let him know, as he is seeking assistance from older boys to help the younger members of the club learn the game. If your son would like to help, please let Mr Braidwood know by emailing him directly:


Cross Country Club

The boys have made a tremendous start to Cross Country this term and we are delighted to see such enthusiasm. Unfortunately, the number of enthusiastic parents is now resulting in staff not being able to park in the morning!  Please could we ask parents to drop their children for Cross Country rather than stay and watch so that the car parking spaces are released. We will be sure to take some photographs of your boys to share in the Friday Report.


Year 7 Informal Music Concert

The first Year 7 Informal Concert of the term takes place next Thursday, 5 October at 4.20pm in Music Room 1. We very much look to welcoming you.

The following boys will be performing: –

Tristan H-C (singing)
Max H (singing and piano)
Conor M (piano and drums)
Noah S (drums)
Sam B (drums)
Aadi D (singing, piano and violin)
Dev D (piano)
Charles W (piano and violin)
Thomas L (violin)


Reminder – Outdoor Shoes

Boys in the Senior School must bring in a pair of old trainers or ‘wellies’ so that their school shoes do not get damaged during breaks when the grass is wet. These outdoor shoes will be stored in the lockers alongside the lower playing fields.


Inaugural Mathematics Competition

We are looking forward to seeing many of you at our inaugural parent/son Mathematics competition on Thursday, 5th October.  All entries have been confirmed and there is still a waiting list.  We ask you to arrive at the NBC at about 5.00pm for a tea or coffee before we start, and hope to finish by about 6.00pm.


After School Care Mobile Phone
If you are delayed in picking up your son, please phone the school office on 01732 452131 before 5pm, or the Wraparound Care mobile number 07879 427740 after 5.00pm, when the school offices closes.


Have a pleasant weekend.

Eddie Knipe
Head of Senior School