Let’s see what Nursery & Reception have been up to this week!
6 October 2023

Nursery Highlights

Communication and Language
Animal Bingo has been lots of fun, first we listened to the farmyard sounds and guessed what each sound was then we quickly set about playing. We were able to identify – cats, dogs, sheep, cows, bees, chickens, ducks, geese, horses and a tractor. This led on to us discussing which are our favourite animals. We made our own snack and this was piggie rice crackers! We mixed pink icing and added slices of fruit and raisins to represent the pig’s features.

Personal, Social, Emotional Development
This week’s favourite story was “A duck so small”. This helped us to talk about our own feelings and emotions. We have also made our own Colour Monster emotions jars. Each child has their own lolly stick with their photo on and each morning they will be encouraged to place their lolly stick in the jar showing how they are feeling.

Physical Development
Sheep sheering! This caused lots of giggles! We put A5 pictures of sheep on the wall in the garden, covered them with shaving foam and the children used mini trowels to sheer them!

Thank you for all the recycled materials that are coming in, we are really enjoying using them. Tins and boxes made fantastic barns and pens on the farm. We do not require any more tins but do please keep saving all other recycling for us, the children really love the open ended craft opportunities this offers.

We looked at all the animals that live on the farm and we then sorted them according to animal group or size. We used different items to create pens and enclosures for the animals. We used the smart board to sort animals according to size, tallest to shortest and biggest to smallest.

Expressive Arts and Design
Animal masks were a huge hit this week, children looked on the computer for their favourite animals and then printed a template that they covered using a variety of materials such as fur and feathers. We have been practising how to sign animal names. We used some of our farm animals and paint to make lots of animal footprints.

Understand of the World
Tuff tray fun – on Monday we came into Nursery to find a mini farm in the garden, this was soil, straw, herbs, animals and lots of other resources. The children REALLY enjoyed exploring using their senses, they could feel the soil and straw, watched as light reflected off of the tin foil pond, rolled pasta hay bales, smelt all the different herbs that were on the table. We also noticed all the different sounds we could make. Not forgetting driving our tractors through the farmyard!

Lunchtime gave us opportunities to talk about which animals give us food;- cows, sheep and goats give us milk, hens give us eggs etc

We have read lots of animal stories, sung animal songs such as “Old Macdonald had a farm” whilst signing the animals.


Reception Highlights

Our focus this week has been on length and height. The boys have ordered themselves and many objects by height and talked about who or which one is the tallest, shortest and who is taller or shorter than someone else. It is always fun to see the boys trying to line themselves up in height order and they eventually managed it! Rafael is the tallest and Caspian is the shortest. We wonder whether this will be the case next Summer?

The activities have been very practical as it is more important to get the boys using the correct mathematical language at this stage. We have ordered things by length and discussed longest, shortest, longer than, shorter than, long and short. In both we have emphasised the importance of a base line or starting line when comparing two objects and making sure that the objects are placed on the same starting point.

We have also looked at the number 4 and tried to find different ways of making 4. We used the Numicon to find the different ways. Please revisit this concept at home.

In our PSE this week we have been talking about the importance of family and the idea of belonging to a group whether it is their family, class or a club they go to. We have also discussed friendships and the importance of being a good friend to others.

We have talked about the value of family life and each member’s role in it. We have discussed mums and dads, how they care for us, and all the wonderful things they do for us. We have also talked about our extended family of cousins, grandparents, aunties, uncles etc. Thank you for all the family photos you have sent it, it really helps the children talk about their families with us and their friends.