Let’s see what Nursery & Reception have been up to this week!
13 October 2023

Nursery Highlights

The theme this week has been Autumn and we have really enjoyed this and have had a lovely week in Nursery. We started with our Harvest festival, thank you to everyone who came to join us and for all the donations we received. If anyone has any photos from the festival they would like to share with us, please email them to me.

Speaking of photos, this week I sent a message asking for a family photograph, please could everyone email me a photo, to go on our display around your child’s photo. The children love looking at this board and it gives us lots to talk about.

Next week we will be learning all about “People who help us” and we would like photos of pets, either your own or a family members pet. The focus sound will be “t”.

Communication and Language
We have looked at animals that hibernate and what they do to prepare for hibernation. We enjoyed making our own chocolate and cornflake leaf piles complete with a jelly worm! We have looked at the colours of changing leaves and spoken about changes in the weather (although we are still having some very warm days!). We have spoken about Farms and where we get our food from.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
We enjoyed making bird feeders to hang in our garden. (We may have enjoyed a nibble as we threaded cereal onto our pipe cleaners!). We have spoken about how important it is to feed the birds over the winter.

Physical Development
We made our own play dough this week with an Autumnal theme. It was orange and scented with cinnamon. The children really enjoy making their own play dough, weighing and mixing all the ingredients.

The children were encouraged to use scales to weigh all the Autumnal items that we have collected such as acorns and conkers.

Expressive Arts and Design
This has been the most fun activity this week; we squirted green, brown and yellow paint on our slide in the garden, placed cardboard at the bottom and rolled conkers down the slide, this caused lots of giggles as the conkers rolled fast and mixed all the colours together, and created some amazing patterns, then we had fun cleaning the slide. It was very tempting to slide down the slide, so we had to keep remembering just to roll our conkers down and not ourselves!

Understanding the World
We looked at different leaves and noticed the patterns and shapes of them which led us to paint our hands and turn the prints into Autum leaves – these are on display in Nursery. We are enjoying noticing all the beautiful colours around the school. We have spoken about clothes and how we need to wear more clothing as the weather gets colder; we are practising hard to dress ourselves and manage our own coats and shoes.

We have had lots of paint out this week creating all our Autumnal Art. We used our fingers and sticks to copy letters from our names. We have also enjoyed reading stories about hedgehogs (and Christmas, it’s never too early in Nursery!). We also sung “Dingle Dangle Scarecrow” more than I can count and I think we make the best dingle dangle scarecrows in Nursery!

Reception Highlights

We have talked about harvest time, what contributes to a successful harvest and why we celebrate harvest. The boys watched a lovely video showing how the farmer harvests the crops with the combine harvester. We have also been talking about healthy and unhealthy foods. This is always an interesting conversation, where do apples come from? Waitrose! Not quite, boys. Here is a useful clip to explain more.

Autumn is well and truly here! Thank you to those of you that sent us pictures of your weekend walks and also bringing in all the lovely Autumn things to share with the classes. We have been discussing the seasonal changes in the weather and in the surrounding environment. We have also been looking at and talking about all the wonderful colours and things there are in our world.

Pumpkin Moon
We have arranged a class trip to Pumpkin Moon, Maidstone on Friday, 20th October. Do feel free to look at their website Pumpkin Moon if you would like to know more about it. The plan is to go pumpkin picking with the boys, which links nicely to our Autumn topic and of course to Halloween. We shall be getting there for 1.00 pm so will be leaving after lunch and therefore you will not need to provide your son with a packed lunch. We plan to leave school at 12.30 pm and will return a 3.00pm, in time for the normal end of the day. Please click here for all the details and how to sign up.

Autumn Art Homework
We thought it would be nice for the boys to do some Autumn Art at home this weekend. An artist called Andy Goldsworthy is famous for Land Art with natural things. Please have a look at Teams for ideas and submit your work there.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
We have been talking about the story of Creation, and that Christians believe that God created many different things on the different days. The boys were fascinated by the story and all agreed that God definitely deserved his rest on the 7th day! We also spoke to the boys about Harvest time, and what an important job the farmers have to do to provide food for us to eat.

Our main focus this week has been on addition and that it is putting things together to make more. We have also introduced the + (add or plus) and = (equals or makes) signs. We used acorns and conkers to help us add as well as children, Numicon and fingers. We will be continuing with addition next week.

In our ICT lesson this week the boys learned how to use the ‘fill tool’ in a Paint program to colour in autumnal pictures. This takes a lot of concentration, and perseverance. Something that we notice the boys are gradually developing. They are so used to having instant gratification, but are learning that some things take time, effort and practice.