Let’s see what Nursery & Reception have been up to this week!
20 October 2023

Visit from the Problem-Solving Company

We were very lucky to have two days of a visiting problem-solving company so that all boys from Reception to Year 8 were able to take part in team building and critical thinking activities.  The majority of the boys completed an escape room activity where they had to problem solve their way through a series of padlocks to reach the innermost box in the fastest time.  It was lovely to see the boys working together and thinking logically as well as outside the box!…..  and then to see them race to unlock the timer a super way to explore mathematical ideas further.

Reception Autumn Walk
Reception enjoyed exploring their school for an Autumn Walk this week. We found lots of different coloured leaves and learnt all about deciduous and evergreen trees.

More photographs of the Reception Autumn Walk on Facebook

Pumpkin Moon
On a “will it/ won’t it rain?” kind of afternoon, Reception travelled to Pumpkin Moon. They learnt about all the different types of pumpkins, squash and gourds. They then had the tricky decision of choosing which one they wanted to take home! What better way to learn all about farming, Harvest and where foods come from! Thank you to Charlie! See you next year!

More photographs of Pumpkin Moon on Facebook


Blue Peter Winner
The New Beacon is very proud to have a Blue Peter Winner in their midst. Othello (1TR) wrote a brilliant poem about his namesake and was awarded a Blue Peter Badge for it. He read it with confidence in our Celebration Assembly this morning. Well done, Othello!


Arts & Crafts Club
What a fantastic first term in our Arts and Crafts club, we’ve had so much fun making  Newspaper sharks, robots, cute puppies in jackets, aliens in flying saucers, scarecrows, spiderweb sun catchers and witches broomsticks!!


This week has been lots of fun in Nursery. We have celebrated 3 birthdays on the same day! Happy Birthday to Adam, Arjen and Harrison. This week’s letter sound was “t”, next week will be “i”.

This week’s topic has been “People who help us”.

We have enjoyed learning about all the different people who help us and have even role-played different occupations, I think our favourite was definitely “Fire fighters”!

Communication and Language
We have asked lots of questions such as “Who would help us if our teeth hurt?”, “Who would help us at school?” and “Who helps us if there is a fire?”. The children were all eager to call out answers.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
We have had daily helpers in Nursery and have focused on us helping each other and being kind. The children have enjoyed helping each other to access toys, games and resources. They have helped to clear tables after lunch.

Physical Development
The children were so excited to take on the role of fire fighters in the garden. We drew a fire on the wall using chalk, the children dressed up as fire fighters, complete with their helmets that they made themselves. They were then given various water bottles to squirt water at the fire to try to put it out.

We spoke about vets and the children enjoyed lining animals up in the waiting room and then using number cards to show how many patients were waiting in the waiting room. We also used scales to weigh different items. The children soon worked out how to use the scales and added or removed items in order to balance the scales.

Expressive Art and Design
The children were each given a cardboard doctors bag and a sheet of paper with all the items you might find inside a doctor’s bag. They were then encouraged to name and cut out items to stick onto their bags. Paper plates and yellow paint made fantastic fire fighter hats! We also used large sandwich bags that we squirted primary coloured paint into and the children then squished the paint to create new secondary or pastel shades. Threading has been a lot of fun. Threading is also a great activity for gaining a tripod grip. The children were also introduced to threading paper using words such as “Under” and “over” to create pictures of police cars.

Understanding the World
We looked at pictures of different people who help us and then tried to match items they use in their jobs, such as fire hoses, toothbrushes, handcuffs etc. We spoke about the Police and this led us to talk about finger prints when looking for “baddies”. We used ink pads and paint to make our own fingerprints and then used magnifying glasses to look at each other’s fingerprints. We became builders this week, using our miniature real bricks and mashed potato as cement. There are some budding builders amongst the group!

Shaving foam has been lots of fun again this week. We filled a tray with shaving foam and used our fingers to trace the letter sound of the week and some of us wrote familiar letters in the foam.

The children were very interested to hear that no one has the same finger prints and enjoyed noticing the patterns our finger prints made.



Pumpkin Moon
The boys loved their trip to Pumpkin Moon on Friday this week. We all had such a lot of fun and it was so lovely to be out and about, our first trip in Reception! We were very lucky with the weather and the boys thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the different fruits (yes, fruit not vegetable) that grow on the farm there. Our thanks to Charlie at Pumpkin Moon, for such an educational and fun day out! If you would like to visit there in the October half term. The boys have learnt a lot about pumpkins, squash and gourds, and you can watch this informative video here and at home to find out more. It was so lovely to see their excitement looking at all the different pumpkins and of course seeing them make the tricky decision as to which one they wanted to take home. There were all sorts of different sizes, shapes and colours chosen, there was never any fussing about who had the best pumpkin, just a bunch of happy boys in their element. It really was a joyful afternoon!

Andy Goldsworthy Natural Art Homework
Thank you for all the amazing photos posted on Teams as part of our Andy Goldsworthy Natural Art homework last week! Such imaginative ideas and so much learning involved.

Thank you for all your cards, kind words and generosity.  We had a really special day and enjoyed sharing our wedding outfits with the boys in Monday’s Pre Prep Assembly.  We shall think of you all as we enjoy our experience in Marrakech and look forward to telling the boys all about it when we return!