We have come to the end of our first half term. All the children in Nursery and Reception have enjoyed their first six weeks and they have really settled in well. We have really enjoyed getting to know your son and your family. Thank you so much for your attendance at the Parents’ Evening Appointments this week. We hope that you found it useful, and a positive experience to enable us all to work together to support your son, and get the best from him! We all want what’s best for the boys!

Christmas Card Project
We are taking part in the Christmas Card Project once again. This is an opportunity for your child’s unique artwork to be printed onto a variety of things: cards, mugs, wrapping paper etc. It also raises funds for the school. Your child should have brought home their design over the past couple of days. If you would like to order anything please visit www.apfsorders.co.uk or use the QR code on the leaflet.

Order deadline – midnight 10 November 2023

Estimated dispatch back to school – 25 November 2023

Arm Bands
When the boys return to school after half term, they will be required to wear their reflective armbands on their outermost garment. With darker mornings/evenings, your sons’ safety is paramount. A set of armbands have been provided this for him when we return in November.

Please write their names on them and attach them to their coats using a safety pin. Please ensure that they have their coat every day. In Reception please also ensure that your son has a named New Beacon fleece, woolly hat and a named pair of gloves in school for when we return.

E-Wise Beacon
Online safety is an important part of keeping children safe at school and at home. We address this in school through teaching our students how to stay safe and behave appropriately online. This approach is most successful if we work together and reinforce safe behaviour at home. Please read the latest edition of the E-Wise Beaconto see how we keep boys safe at school and recommended websites full of information for how you can keep boys safe at home too.

Bollywood Vibes
On Monday, 13 November, children from Nursery to Year Four will be participating in a Bollywood Dance workshop, as part of the celebrations for Diwali. They will be learning all about this festival and the religions that celebrate it, and practising some Bollywood dance moves. Children may wear their traditional clothing for this occasion if they would like to. Please note we are only able to invite Nursery children who already attend Nursery on Mondays.

Last call for the Head’s Art Competition
Any final entries to Mrs Brownsdon’s art competition titled ‘new beginnings’ must be submitted immediately upon return to school on Monday, 6 November. See previous Friday Bulletins for further details.

I wish you all a really lovely half term and we look forward to welcoming you back on Monday, 6 November.


The Muddle Puddle Teacher Training
Mrs Beresford and Mrs Griffiths are really excited to be able to tell you that they have begun some new training called “The Muddy Puddle Teacher Training”. It is continuous outdoor learning and is our first steps into Forest School. They will be sharing lots of what they learn with you along the way and we are very excited to start this with the children. The first thing to share is a poem that you can practise with your children at home.

“Sticks stay low,
they tickle our toe,
If they go high,
they poke us in the eye”.


During the next half term, boys will be required to wear their winter uniform to school. This comprises the following:

  • Grey trousers or shorts
  • Long-sleeved (new) blue or grey shirt (from Horncastles) and tie
  • Long grey New Beacon socks (if wearing shorts)
  • Short grey socks if wearing trousers
  • Smart black shoes (leather)
  • New Beacon jumper
  • Blazer (this should be worn to school every day)or
  • New Beacon coat (either the newer-style waterproof or the more traditional duffle coat)
  • Armbands on their outer-most garment

Remembrance Service
Advance notice that all Reception boys will be attending our in-school Remembrance Service on Friday, 10 November.  As this is a formal occasion, all boys must have their blazers in school for the day.

Read Write Inc.
It has been a successful first half term of Read Write Inc. The boys have all made progress with their sounds, blending and reading. Please continue to use Fred Talk to blend words together in half term and practise writing the letters using the special phrases. All the Teams assignments are still accessible for 6 weeks once posted to you. We hope you have found the pencil we sent home useful, the writing has definitely improved. There are various activities you can do with your son during half term and these are explained in a separate letter in your son’s book bag.

Number Bonds
We have been learning the number 6, looking at number bonds to 6 as well. We talk a lot about numbers that are one more or one less than a given number and this is something that can be easily reinforced at home or when out and about. We have also continued with addition using a variety of autumnal items.

We are very much looking forward to hearing all about your half term. Please do send us a postcard of anywhere you visit, remember it doesn’t have to be from abroad! We are sending home various activities for half term for the boys. We are hoping that you will embrace our ideas which we feel will help the boys in their understanding of sounds, words and ultimately reading and writing. We are also hoping that the boys will continue to practise writing their names and improve their pencil control, fine motor skills, such as using cutlery and scissors.

Finally, we would like to thank you all for your support in your son’s learning this half term. We hope you have a lovely half term break.

Mrs Marie Taylor
Head of Early Years

For this week’s highlights please follow the picture link below.