What a busy 7 weeks we’ve had!

The football season has been most enjoyable and I hereby acknowledge the huge part that Mr Bromwich has played in making the season run so smoothly for the boys and match managers. He has taken the mantle of being ‘Head of Games’ for this term and he has performed a superb job in seeing that all of the fixtures went ahead without a hitch. Well done, sir! Mr Ribbans-Opara will administer the rugby after our half-term break whilst we await the arrival in January of our new Director of Sport, Mr Owen Herbert.

The boys and staff will no doubt be welcoming the next two weeks. A well-earned break is on the cards.

The year 7 and 8 boys will sit their first examinations upon our return. I hope that the boys will knuckle down to some solid revising for these exams, but that they will also have enough time to relax. They will have gained valuable advice with their attendance at the Elevate Study Skills session on Thursday.

 Here are a few notices that you should be aware of for the next few days and weeks: 

Revision Lists
There will be November Examinations for Years 7 and 8, commencing Tuesday, 7 November 2023. Please find the revision material for all examined subjects using the following link:  Revision Lists Autumn Term. The link has also been sent to the boy’s Office 365 email accounts.

The examination timetable can be found here:  Examination Timetable Year 7 and 8 Autumn 2023


Year 8 Mathematics Practice Papers
8D and Year 8 Sets 1 and 2 have been emailed two Non-calculator practice papers to use as part of their revision. The mark scheme has also been posted. Completing these papers under exam condition will stand them in good stead for the forthcoming Mathematics exam.


Gum Shield and Rugby Kit
The rugby season gets underway when we return after half term and your son will need a well-fitting gum shield for his Games lessons. In addition to this, blue New Beacon branded ‘skins’ are encouraged, to be worn under his rugby top. These can be both leggings and the upper under-garment. Full tracksuits are also needed in case of muddy boys at the end of a Games lesson – and this can also be an additional layer in very cold weather. New Beacon hats and fingerless gloves can also be worn in the event of very cold temperatures. A reminder that all items must be clearly named.

Eustace Dental and Implant Clinic (Sevenoaks)

Horncastles (Sevenoaks)



During the next half term, boys will be required to wear their winter uniform to school. This comprises the following:

  • Grey trousers or shorts
  • Long-sleeved (new) blue or grey shirt (Horncastles) and tie
  • Long grey New Beacon socks (if wearing shorts)
  • Smart black shoes (leather)
  • New Beacon jumper
  • Blazer (this should be worn to school every day)
  • New Beacon coat (either the newer-style waterproof or the more traditional duffle coat)
  • Armbands on outer-most garment


When boys return to school after half term, they will be required to wear their named reflective armbands on their outermost garment. With darker mornings/evenings, your sons’ safety is paramount. If you require a new set of armbands, your son’s form teacher will provide this for him when we return in November.


Advance notice that all Middle School boys will be attending our in-school Remembrance service on Friday, 10 November. As this is a formal occasion, all boys  must have their blazers in school for the day.


Last call for the Head’s Art Competition
Any final entries to Mrs Brownsdon’s art competition titled ‘New Beginnings’ must be submitted immediately upon return to school on Monday, 6 November.


A reminder that boarding is available for all boys in Years 5 – 8. Boys can board from 1- 4 nights. They have a choice of evening activities from swimming and sports to films, Lego and board games, and prep time is scheduled into the evening.  If you would like to know more or book a taster session for your son please contact our Houseparent, Mrs Buckner, by email: nicola.buckner@newbeacon.org.uk.


Christmas Card Project
We are taking part in the Christmas Card Project again this year. This is an opportunity for your child’s unique artwork to be printed onto a variety of things: cards, mugs, wrapping paper etc., and it also raises funds for the school.

Your child should have brought home their design over the past couple of days. If you would like to order anything please visit www.apfsorders.co.uk, or use the QR code on the leaflet.

The deadline for ordering is midnight 10 November 2023, with an estimated dispatch of orders back to school being 25 November 2023.
Mrs Jackson.


E-Wise Beacon
Online safety is an important part of keeping children safe at school and at home. We address this in school through teaching our students how to stay safe and behave appropriately online. This approach is most successful if we work together and reinforce safe behaviour at home too. Please read the latest edition of the E-Wise Beacon to see how we keep boys safe at school and recommended websites full of information for how you can keep boys safe at home, too.


Have a pleasant half-term break and travel safely.

What an exciting weekend lying ahead for die-hard rugby fans as the tournament reaches the semi-final stages. Enjoy!

Eddie Knipe
Head of Senior School