What a positive start to the new half term we have had this week.  The weather may have been rather wet at points, but this has not dampened spirits around school. The boys have returned looking fully rested and ready for the next half term, which will no doubt be a busy one with the run up to Christmas. We are mindful of the importance of the coming weeks for Year 6 with the ISEB exams next week and several boys attending senior school interviews. We wish them the very best of luck.

Please read the following Middle School information carefully.

Y5 trip to Preston Manor and Hove Museum
Y5 are currently studying the Victorians and have been learning about what life would have been like in Britain 150+ years ago. To enhance the boys’ learning and understanding of this important period of this country’s history, we have arranged for them to visit Preston Manor in Brighton on Tuesday 21 November.  Please follow this link for more information and to confirm your son’s attendance.


Stonepitts Farm Christmas Trees 2023
As in previous years, Stonepitts farm would like to offer a £2.00 donation to The New Beacon for every tree that is bought by families and staff. Please present a copy of this article when buying a tree and this will count towards the final donation to the school. For details and directions please visit www.stonepitts.com

Supporting charities: A donation will also be made by Stonepitts Farm to Demelza Hospice care for children for every tree sold.


Head’s Art Competition
Thank you to all of those boys who submitted an entry to the New Beginnings Art Competition this week. The pictures will be judged and then shared over the coming weeks in The Friday Report along with the names of the winners.


Christmas Card Project
Orders for Christmas Cards must be completed by midnight tonight (10 November) to be delivered with the whole school order. Please follow the link to order – APFS Projects (apfsorders.co.uk)


Gum Shields and rugby kit 
The rugby season gets underway next Thursday for Y5 and next Friday for Y6. A reminder that your son will need a well-fitting gum shield for his Games lessons. In addition to this, blue New Beacon branded ‘skins’ are encouraged, to be worn under his rugby top. These can be both leggings and the upper under-garment. Full tracksuits are also needed in case of muddy boys at the end of a Games lesson – and this can also be an additional layer in very cold weather. New Beacon hats and fingerless gloves can also be worn in the event of very cold temperatures. Regular football boots are fine, but studs must be the non-bladed type. A reminder that all items must be clearly named.



It is lovely to see the boys in their winter uniform since our return from the half term break.  We understand that Horncastles are waiting for their next batch of our new blue shirts.  Until all boys can acquire one, a reminder of what should be worn:

  • Grey trousers or shorts
  • New blue shirt* and tie
  • Long grey New Beacon socks (if wearing shorts)
  • Smart black shoes (leather)
  • New Beacon jumper
  • Blazer (this should be worn to school every day)
  • New Beacon coat (either the newer-style waterproof or the more traditional duffle coat, if you still have this)
  • Armbands on outer-most garment

* Shirts – the new version of the blue shirt from Horncastles (or boys may wear their existing short sleeved blue summer shirts underneath their jumper or their existing grey shirt until that is outgrown).  Please do not purchase new grey shirts or blue shirts that are not The New Beacon shade of blue.  Our onsite second hand shop may be able to help provide grey shirts for those who have no other option at the moment.


Your son is now required to wear their named reflective armbands on their outermost garment to and from school. With darker mornings/evenings, your sons’ safety is paramount.

If you require a new set of armbands, your son’s form teacher will provide them.


Children in Need 2023
Next week we shall be raising money for Children in Need. We have planned a fun week for the whole school, with a specific focus on Mental Health and Wellbeing. Please follow this link for more information regarding what to wear, what to bring,  and our annual cake competition and cake sale!


Odd Socks Day
Odd Socks Day is on Monday, 13 November. This marks the start of Anti-Bullying Week. We are encouraging everyone to come to school wearing odd socks to mark the start of Anti-Bullying Week and Odd Socks Day! This unique and fun day is not just about the odd socks; it’s about celebrating what makes us all unique and different. It’s about embracing diversity and promoting a positive and inclusive environment. It also raises awareness about the harmful impacts of bullying and promotes a culture of kindness and acceptance. Please follow this link for more information about Odd Socks Day.


Mrs Jackson is running low on newspapers, any donations gratefully received by the art department.


The New Beacon Parents’ Association AGM
Please follow this link for more details.

Mr Probert
Head of Middle School

Mrs Harris
Deputy Head of Middle School