With our growing awareness of the huge, negative environmental impact single use plastics have to our environment, we are embarking on a new initiative to help tackle the crisis, until single use plastics become a thing of the past. Whilst some plastics are recyclable, many are not, or the local authority does not facilitate their recycling. Rather than throw these plastics in with the general waste, we can save, segregate and pack plastics into bottles to make reusable building blocks (to a set density) that can be reused over and over again. The possibilities for these building blocks are endless and we already thinking about what we can build around the school with them.

We ask that if you have any plastic bottles, that you send them in with your child. Please do not buy any specifically as this would defeat the purpose! Keep all single use plastic that cannot be recycled to one side, ensuring it is clean and dry, and have it brought to school and brought into your boy’s classroom.  We would like all children to make an Eco-brick on Eco-day on Friday 22 March.  If you feel the urge to create them at home, then please do that too and bring in any that are completed. It would be advisable to start with a small bottle to begin with. Large 1500ml bottles will take a lot of plastic…. but also take a long time to make!  Small volume bottles allow new ecobrickers to finish their first ecobrick fast, and learn from their mistakes.

There are very specific guidelines that need to be followed to make Eco-bricks so please follow them by referring to the information in this link.