Winners: Wellington 547 (ex 600) Record competition score.
Second: Drake 521
Third: Nelson 506
Forth: Marlborough 491

Wellington successfully defended the Inter Company Shooting Cup pushing up the competition record score by an impressive 22 points!

Going into the competition Drake were seeded in 1st place (564) based on the scores shot this term closely followed by Wellington seeded 2nd (562) and Nelson 3rd (549). However, even though it was too close to call at the half way stage Wellington got their shooting in early for the second half and set their impressive final score. Having done so, (very much with the help of the younger boys) the pressure was now on all the other companies.

This physiological tactic paid off handsomely towards the end when the boys knew what they had to shoot to take the challenge to Wellington. The shooting required to beat an average score of 91 points per boy in each age group (Junior / Intermediate / Senior) is a big ask and one by one it became clear that Wellington were out of reach with the competition remaining a contest for the minor places.

The 547 winning score for Wellington was achieved as follows:
96  Jasper S (Intermediate Pair)
92  William T (Intermediate Pair)
92  Jason R (Junior Pair)
91  Louis F (Senior Pair)
89  Edward S (Junior Pair)
87  Harry S (Senior Pair)

The competition will resume in the Summer term when Wellington should aim for a clean sweep this academic year or will Nelson try and win it again in the summer term. Or can Drake get all their ducks in a row and get every member of the team to shoot to his capability and upset the rankings and deliver a win they are capable of as No 1 seed. Marlborough need a few more boys to join the Rifle Club and build some internal competition within the Company as they are a little hampered by having the fewest members of the NBS Rifle Club.