The New Beacon has successfully defended the Hammond cup and won it again this term. The cup stays!

The winning team this term scored 376 (ex 400) which is slightly less than our winning score last term.

The 4 boys who won the cup this term are all different to the 4 boys who won last term which shows the strength and depth of shooting at the school.

Rhys C – 97
Jasper S – 93
Henry P – 93
Harry S – 93

In addition to this we have also managed to improve our results this term by claiming 2nd place by 2 points; managing to shake off St Andrews Prep Eastbourne with whom we shared 2nd place last term.

We are particular proud of this achievement as this result was achieved by our Development team who are new to shooting this year and have done incredibly well to get this far in such a short time. We hope that this result bodes well for shooting at New Beacon in the year/s to come.

Hector M – 96 (Yr 6)
Jason R – 93 (Yr 6)
Charles L – 92 (Yr 6)
Oliver D – 86 (Yr 7)

The final results for the top 6 teams:

1              The New Beacon A
2              The New Beacon D
3              St Andrew’s Prep Eastbourne
4              Sedbergh Prep
5              Holmewood House
6              Sherborne Prep

Didier Prongue