Let’s see what Nursery & Reception have been up to this week!
10 November 2023

Nursery :

This week’s topic has been Fireworks; this has meant a flurry of glitter in here! Speaking of glitter, we are trying to limit the use of glitter this year and so the children have all enjoyed using tiny hole punches to cut shapes out of recycled paper and even leaves. We have also been around the Pre Prep emptying teachers hole punches to collect the small circles that we will be using with a small amount of glitter to decorate our Christmas activities. If you have a hole punch at home or work, please do think of us and save us the contents!

Nursery really enjoyed looking back and talking about the fireworks that they saw over the weekend. Cardboard tubes cut and dipped into paint made fantastic firework prints! We spoke about fire safety and how to keep safe around fireworks. We have begun our new display, and we have a lovely display of words that depict the sounds children used to recreate fireworks. Please do come and have a look! The children have used recycled materials to create rockets that they have flown around the room and also the garden.


We glued different coloured pompoms to paper and drew patterns around them to look like fireworks in the sky, the children were then encouraged to point to each pompom in turn to count how many there were.


This week we have spent a lot of time talking about noises and who does or does not like loud bangs. We also spoke about how bangs from fireworks might make our pets feel.

PE with Mr Young this week was lots of fun. The children were split into two teams each side of a net, there were lots of balls on the floor and the children were all encouraged to “tidy their rooms”. This was done by collecting the balls and throwing them over the net to tidy their own side.

Music with Dr Maslin has meant we have begun practising all our Christmas songs ready for the Nativity Christmas Carol Concert that will be held in the Theatre on 13th December at 9:30am. We hope you can all join us!

Reception :

Our main focus this week has been about Remembrance and why we wear poppies. The boys were fascinated by the facts about the history of Armistice Day. The boys also made their own poppy and special cross to help them remember the importance of this special day.

The boys have been talking to us a lot about their half term. They then drew pictures of their activities and independently wrote some words related to their pictures. They were brave and had a go to write the sounds they knew. We have now split the children into their Phonics groups related to their reading ability. These groups are related to what stage they are, in line with the Pre Prep. You will have noticed that an orange folder was put in the book bags on a Wednesday. Please can you sit with your son to help him write the focus letter correctly, as shown on the sheet. It is really important that this is done the correct way, so bad habits don’t start.

This week we have been comparing two quantities using the language ‘less than’ and ‘more than’ as well as our ongoing work on number recognition, ordering and counting. The boys really enjoyed looking at dominoes – (not pizzas!) and comparing and also adding the spots on each side to see if there were more than 7, less than 7 or 7 exactly. Maybe a game for the weekend? The boys also had to divide their ball of playdough into 7 equal parts. Quite a challenge, to leave none in the pot!

In Music we have started to sing our songs for our Nativity. This will be a live performance in our school Theatre. Please save the date of 11 December at 9.30am! Look out for a booking sheet in a few weeks.

The boys have been learning about more than and less than in their Maths lessons. They enjoyed applying their knowledge in their ICT lesson using the following games. Here are the links for you to practise at home. Caterpillar Ordering. We also introduced the spacebar and the boys loved playing this Danger Mouse game. We also loved playing the higher or lower game in our Maths lessons this week. As Bruce Forsyth would say, “Good game, good game”!

Art Club

Art and Crafts club enjoyed making windmill poppies this week, they were quite tricky but the boys concentrated so well and we’re delighted with their fantastic finished poppies!