Let’s see what Nursery & Reception have been up to this week!
17 November 2023

Nursery had a lot of fun celebrating Diwali and Nursery Rhyme Week.

Odd Socks Day
The theme for Anti-Bullying Week this year is Make Some Noise. The week began with everyone wearing Odd Socks Day. The idea behind wearing odd socks is that no two socks are the same, just as no two people are the same. Everyone is unique, with their own quirks, characteristics, and ways of doing things. By wearing odd socks, we are celebrating this diversity and uniqueness, and showing our support for anti-bullying and our commitment to creating an environment where everyone is accepted for who they are. The Odd Socks Gang have made a great catchy tune to help, you can listen to it here.

Children in Need
Today we came together to raise money for Children in Need. The boys joined together as a whole school for an assembly which had a focus on Mental Health and Wellbeing. Thank you to everyone who wore something spotty, brought in money for cakes, and generally raised awareness for this charity.

The boys enjoyed our cake sale at break time and there were many entries for the bake-off competitions.

Well done to the following winners:
Nursery: Harrison C.
Pre Prep: Dominic B.
Junior School: Ruan H.
Middle School: Ted B. and Alex B.
Senior School:  Thomas M and Louis A

Middle School Winner

Bollywood Dance Workshop
We have talked about Diwali this week. Diwali is a very special celebration for Hindu people. It is also celebrated by Jains, Sikhs and some Buddhists. It is a celebration of light over dark and good over evil. It is also known as the ‘festival of lights’. Diwali takes place every year and lasts for five days. Rangoli patterns are thought to bring good luck. People make rangoli patterns at the entrance to their homes. This is to welcome the goddess Lakshmi. The boys also enjoyed learning some traditional Bollywood Dancing. Olivia came to show us lots of special objects and then taught us some dancing.


There has been lots of excitement as we have watched the new playground equipment arrive for the garden of the new Nursery building! As well as celebrating Diwali it has been national nursery rhyme week so we have enjoyed listening to lots of classic nursery rhymes.

On Monday we really loved the Bollywood workshop. We dressed up in scarves with bells or wore a medal to dance. There were lots of sparkles and pretty colours. Back in Nursery we watched the story of Rama and Sita. In this story we learned about “Diyas” which were used to light the way for Rama and Sita’s return home. We then made our own Diyas out of clay and used different gems to decorate them. We learned lots of shape names while looking at the gems. We will send the Diyas home as soon as the clay has dried.

Nursery rhyme week is very important as children learn about fluency and being expressive. We have worked on physical skills as we learn to coordinate their bodies to join in with actions. Children have learned to segment words into syllables and to listen for words that rhyme. One of our favourites is Heads shoulders knees and toes, this has been a great way for practising both listening skills and also our gross motor skills. There has been lots of music in Nursery this week as we sang nursery rhymes, we even did some Makaton signing as we signed key words in the rhyme Baa Baa black sheep. Children practised their cutting skills as they cut out ovals to create their Humpty Dumpty, they then folded paper to create his arms and legs before counting buttons and eyes as they stuck them on.

The smart board has been a great source of excitement as we discovered some new games on there to support our counting and number recognition skills. We have sorted colours, shapes and objects by height, length and size as well as trying to complete jigsaws on there. (We need a little more practice with this skill).

Mr Young has taken us for PE where we have been working on team skills and listening to instructions.

Music with Dr Maslin is all about Christmas, we are so looking forward to our carol concert and we can’t wait to sing for you all.


The boys looked like they had a lot of fun building their dens at home as part of their Teams hibernation task last week. It really does bring their learning to life when we discuss it at home and at school. Thank you also so much to Harley and Alden for bringing in their pet tortoises this week as part of our work on Hibernation! It was lovely to meet Horatio and Henri! The boys loved hearing all about them, feeding them, and observing them throughout the day!

We have focused on the number 8 and the numbers that we can add together to make 8. We have revised 2D shapes and introduced 3D shapes; cube, cuboid, cylinder, sphere, pyramid and cone. We call 2D shapes ‘flat’ shapes and 3D shapes ‘solid’ shapes. The boys have been sorting the different shapes and also been looking for 3D shapes in our classroom and around the school. The boys also really loved making their own 3D models!

Next week we will be starting to learn about subtraction. Watch out, the Cookie Monster might be about!

The boys have continued to use and learn new ICT skills. We always try to link the “games” where possible to the things we are learning in class. We learned the spacebar last week and this week we have been learning how to use the arrow keys using this game Gnasher. We also played a game where the boys had to use their knowledge of 3D shapes.

In our PSE we have explored different feelings and emotions and thought about the things that make us happy, sad, frightened, excited etc. We discussed who we can speak to if we feel sad or worried. We have again talked a lot this week about being kind and unkind and the sort of behaviour that we expect at school, especially in the playground. We have also discussed Online Bullying.