Odd socks, Bollywood dancing, spotty clothing and cake! Another bustling and fruitful week in the Pre-Prep and Junior School. The boys celebrated Anti-Bullying week by wearing odd socks on Monday, just as no two socks are the same, no two people are the same. It is always marvellous to celebrate diversity and uniqueness at our school. The boys loved celebrating Diwali by learning some Bollywood dance moves and this morning saw the whole school come together in the NBC to celebrate Children in Need. Thank you to everyone who baked a cake, bought a cake, or wore something spotty to help raise money for this very worthwhile charity. Congratulations to the U9 boys who had a most successful football season. Mr Young is looking forward to seeing what you can do on the rugby pitch. Next week, our focus will turn to Road Safety Week. On this note, please can you ensure that your son has his reflective arm bands named and attached to his outer layer.

Book Fair
Rosie Hill, an independent book seller, will be holding a book fair for Nursery, Pre-Prep and Junior School boys in The Studio on Tuesday 28th November.  It is an ideal time for the children to discuss reading with their teachers and choose books together that are appropriate for their age and interests. Classes will visit the fair with their teachers throughout the day.

Boys will be given the opportunity to look through a range of books and place an order. They will then receive their book a few days after the Book Fair.

The average price of a book is £7.99 however there are some which may cost a little more, with the most expensive costing no more than about £15.99.  The sum will be added to your son’s school bill.  We are fortunate that the school will benefit from what is purchased by way of a generous commission of free books that will go into our Pre-Prep and Junior School library.

Please complete the form by following the link below by Sunday 26 November at 4pm.

Book Fair Form

We request that you complete the form, even if you don’t want your son to buy any books. It gives you the option of selecting ‘no books’. Unfortunately, we can’t accept late submissions.


BBC 500 Words
Did you enter? Would you like to read your story to others? The Junior School were fortunate enough to hear two ‘500 word’ stories on Tuesday during assembly. Riaan in Year 3 was kind enough to share his story with us, as was Mr Hutchison who had written one as an example for the boys. If you entered the competition, do bring your story in to share with the Pre-Prep and Junior School. Just bring it to your teacher and ask them to let Mrs Manning or Mr Hutchison know that you would like us to read it out!

Please click here for a story written by Mr Hutchison. Please do enjoy reading it.


School Uniform
It is lovely to see the boys in their winter uniform since our return from the half term break.  We understand that Horncastles are waiting for their next batch of our new blue shirts.  Until all boys can acquire one, a reminder of what should be worn:

  • Grey trousers or shorts
  • New blue shirt* and tie
  • Long grey New Beacon socks (if wearing shorts)
  • Smart black shoes (leather)
  • New Beacon jumper
  • New Beacon Blazer or coat (either the newer-style waterproof or the more traditional duffle coat, if you still have this) – blazers must be worn for special events such as Remembrance.
  • New Beacon cap (Pre-Prep only)
  • Armbands on outer-most garment

* Shirts – the new version of the blue shirt from Horncastles (or boys may wear their existing short sleeved blue summer shirts underneath their jumper or their existing grey shirt until that is outgrown).  Please do not purchase new grey shirts or blue shirts that are not The New Beacon shade of blue.  Our onsite second hand shop may be able to help provide grey shirts for those who have no other option at the moment.


Dangers of Engine Idling Poster Competition
We are delighted to be running an initiative put forward by our Eco Committee with regards to engine idling.  We are asking boys to produce an A4 poster highlighting the negative aspects of engine idling.  Please bring these to Mr Hutchison or electronic copies can be emailed to him on charles.hutchison@newbeacon.org.uk. The deadline for posters is Friday, 1 December.

A winner from each class will be selected and have their design blown up to an A3 poster that will be weather proofed and placed around the school where cars tend to be static. These will hopefully serve as reminders for parents of the harms of engine idling.

Posters might say “save petrol, turn off your engines when stationary,” or “particles in petrol harm children’s lungs” and so on.

Please see the three video links below for more information on the dangers of engine idling. These will hopefully create a discussion and kick start the process of developing the posters.  In addition we will be discussing this at assembly and in class.  We would ask for your help in this.




A few helpful facts:

  • Running an engine unnecessarily while stationary: pollutes the environment, costs money and is illegal under Section 42 of the Road Traffic Act 1988.
  • An idling engine produces twice as many exhaust emissions than an engine in motion.
  • The Royal College of Physicians estimate 40,000 deaths in the UK are linked to air pollution; engine idling contributes to this.
  • It is illegal to engine idle outside schools.
  • Idling for 10 seconds wastes more fuel than restarting your engine.
  • Exhaust emissions contain air pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrocarbons and particles that are so small they enter the lungs. Young children are particularly vulnerable as young lungs are developing.


Stonepitts farm Christmas Trees 2023
As in previous years, Stonepitts farm would like to offer a £2.00 donation to The New Beacon for every tree that is bought by families and staff. Please present a copy of this article when buying a tree and this will count towards the final donation to the school. For details and directions please visit www.stonepitts.com

Supporting charities: A donation will also be made by Stonepitts Farm to Demelza Hospice care for children for every tree sold.


Pre-Prep RWI Review
We are conducting a review of our phonics program and would be grateful if you could spare a moment to complete this short questionnaire so that we can gain a better understanding of your son/sons’ experience. Thank you to those who have completed this already.

Mrs Alteirac
Head of Pre-Prep & Junior School