Let’s see what Nursery & Reception have been up to this week!
24 November 2023

Children In Need
A week has passed since we raised money for Children in Need, and I wanted to let you know that we raised a grand total of £757.80! Thank you so much to everyone for their support with this charity event. If you would still like to make a donation, please use this link.


This week we have been learning all about “caring for our planet”, “thanksgiving” and “road safety”. It’s been very busy in Nursery!

The children in Nursery learned about caring for our planet through recycling materials.

We started the week by painting some paper bowls brown as the start of our thanksgiving turkey. We had lots of fun mixing colours to create the right shade of brown. We discovered that red, green, blue and yellow make the perfect shade! Once our plates were dry, we cut out feathers and wrote the letters of our names on the feathers to spell out our names. Some children spoke about a special feast they were going to enjoy celebrating.

As I type this letter I can here squeals of excitement as a volcano is being built on the other side of the room! The volcano has sparked a lot of conversations about where you might find a volcano “There are no volcanoes in England but there are in other countries”. Mrs G is telling the children that volcanoes ‘erupt’, and this has begun a lot of very loud eruptions around the room!

We have really enjoyed teaching the children about how we can reuse things rather than just throwing them away, and about not using single use plastic. We watched a short video about recycling and learned about how long it takes for a plastic bag to break down, and why we should use less plastic. We have really enjoyed all the recycling you have been sending in and have used water bottles to make our very own Rainbow Fish, amongst other things.

We have looked at all the different materials that can be recycled and how this is sorted. The children then went on a treasure hunt around the room to find items that are made of those materials such as paper, metal, cardboard and glass.

We asked the children what littering meant, and they all understood that it means dropping rubbish on the floor. We spoke about why we shouldn’t do this. Here are some examples of what your children said; “The ground will look messy”, “The planet will be messy”, “Animals will eat it”, “We might fall over”, “You will get told off because it’s not a kind thing to do”! What wise boys.

Road Safety
We always spend a lot of time learning about how to be safe when we are near roads, but there has been an extra emphasis on it this week as part of Road Safety Week. We all know that we should NEVER cross a road without an adult. We always cross at a crossing. We stop, look, listen and look again before crossing the road. We never run across a road, we always walk sensibly and carefully.

New Nursery
We have enjoyed watching excitedly as the climbing equipment has been installed in the new Nursery Garden this week, and we cannot wait to move in!

Mrs Beresford & Mrs Griffiths


Road Safety Week
As part of our Road Safety Awareness Week, Reception enjoyed an assembly learning all about the importance of keeping safe on the road. They learnt about where to cross, and how to cross the road. We also talked about the importance of wearing our arm bands. This photo shows how important it is to wear something reflective. There is a child crossing the road in both photos!

We then went on a walk to see how many crossing points there are around our school. We found 6! A reminder to parents that the boys need to cross the road with you at these points too, and that they are reminded to always look to check before crossing the road.

We have looked at the number 9 and the numbers that are more or less than 9. We have also introduced subtraction this week as taking away and done lots of practical subtraction as well as some written subtraction sums for those that can. The boys used their fingers to help them and we will be continuing with this next week. We also had a visit from the Cookie Monster! So many laughs, giggles, and LOTS OF LEARNING! How else can you learn about Subtraction? (photos and ….)

Reception meet Cookie Monster Video

The boys really loved their ICT lesson this week. We played three Cookie Monster games. Cooking with Cookie, Foodie Truck, and The Cookie Games. The boys had to help Cookie Monster make and deliver yummy treats. Lots of great mouse control, decision making and fun!

The Christmas Story
With the nativity not too far away, the boys have been learning about the Christmas Story. We have discussed why we celebrate Christmas and the importance of Christmas to Christians. The boys are slowly getting to grips with the Nativity story and the sequence of events. Please keep practising their words, we say, “using their theatre voice” to help them understand it needs to be loud, slow and clear.

Mrs Taylor and Mr Braidwood