Let’s see what Nursery & Reception have been up this week!
1 December 2023


This week has been the start of Christmas in Nursery. It has been like Santa’s workshop in here! We have started work on our Christmas display which is looking lovely. Children have had lots of fun creating their own snowflakes. This has involved talking about shapes as we started with a circle, we then carefully folded the circle to create a triangle shape. Then we showed off our scissor skills and made lots of tiny snips and cuts around the edges, then the magic happened as we unfolded our paper to reveal our beautiful snowflakes! We noticed that each and every snowflake was different, this led us to look closely at pictures of snowflakes and saw that no two real snowflakes are the same either!

Working on shapes, each child decorated a large triangle with different resources, these were then all put together to create a large Christmas Tree that really sparkles as the light catches it.

We are busy cutting, linking and sticking paper to make colourful paperchains to decorate the room. This is a tricky activity that takes a lot of concentration, but we are working hard together to achieve some lovely long chains.

The Christmas tree is up and we have enjoyed stories and singing whist watching the colourful lights twinkling. Christmas cards and other special activities are in full swing. As previously mentioned, we are limiting our use of glitter and using other resources (rest assured there has been SOME glitter used, it wouldn’t be Christmas without it!)

Dr Maslin is thrilled with how well the children are confidently singing their Christmas songs and doing the actions, we are really looking forward to you joining us for the big day!

The children have PE with Mr Young, they are learning team building skills in this time.

We haven’t mentioned the letter sound of the week but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening as we are practising our letter sounds all day, every day in our day to day activities.

If you are doing letter sounds at home, it is really important that children are learning the letter sounds and NOT letter names. A few children are very confident with letter names but struggle with the sounds.


We have been learning about the number 10 this week and that it is a 2-digit number. We have counted in 10’s and thought of different ways to make 10 using 2 numbers. The boys have also been recapping subtraction. To help embed this concept, we baked some cookie monster cookies using the recipe from our ICT lesson! (Photos to come as were doing it this afternoon)

The boys have been learning about the Christmas Story. We have discussed why we celebrate Christmas and the importance of Christmas to Christians. The boys are getting to grips with the Nativity story and the sequence of events.