The build up to Christmas is always a very exciting time, and even more for the younger members of our school. Countdowns until opening their first window on their Advent Calendar and The Naughty Elf on the shelf making an appearance! It is a magical time of year to work with your boys and we are all very excited too! Many crafting activities are underway for decorations, cards and calendars, and of course the excitement of our Nativity and Carol Service on the last week of term. We also have our Christmas Fayre next Friday!

During this busy time of year, it is crucial that your little ones get a good night’s sleep. Please ensure boys are getting to bed at a timely hour. Please do read below for important notices and upcoming dates for your diary.

Mrs Taylor
Head of Early Years

Dates for the Calendar (Including 3 Christmas Jumper Days)

Friday, 8 DecemberChristmas Jumper Day
Christmas Fayre
Monday, 11 DecemberChristmas Jumper Day
9.30am – Reception Nativity – coffee & minced pies will be served from 8.30am in the NEW Nursery building.
Christmas Lunch
Wednesday, 13 DecemberChristmas Jumper Day
Term ends at 12.00pm for Nursery and Reception boys

All Early Years News:

Booking for the Spring Term Activities opens on SchoolsBuddy this Tuesday, 5 December and will close on Friday, 8 December.  The list of activities available will be sent out to parents via email on Monday.

Please note that next term all bookings for Wraparound Care will be on the website only, together with Early Years Activity Club (Nursery & Reception), Pre-Prep Activity Club (Y1 & Y2) and Junior School Prep Club (Y3 & Y4).


After School Care Mobile Phone
If you are delayed in picking up your son, please phone the school office on 01732 452131 before 5.00 p.m., or the Wraparound Care mobile number (07879 427740) after 5.00 p.m., when the school office closes.


Warm Clothing
Could we please make sure that children have an extra layer on under their uniform, but not skins if wearing shorts. They also need a coat/fleece, woolly hat and mittens/gloves as it is getting very cold and we are still exploring outdoors. Reception boys should have a New Beacon hat, scarf and navy gloves/mittens.


Christmas Fayre
On Friday, 8 December, the boys will go to The School Room to participate in the Christmas Fayre. This year the Christmas Fayre is running slightly differently; stalls will be organised and run by the elves from Middle and Senior school. Please bring in £5 in a named envelope and we will exchange it for a Fun Card. Please also bring in a named carrier bag so they can carry all their shopping and prizes! The boys can also wear a Christmas Jumper to school!


This year, the choice of charities for the school to support has been entirely led by the boys. Any boy who felt an affinity with a charity could present to their Section’s School Council elected members. The Council members then deliberated and all voted on the charities to be supported.

We are pleased to say that this year we will be supporting:
The Make a Wish Foundation
The British Heart Foundation
The Stroke Association

It was inspiring to hear the many varied reasons why the boys supported certain charities. A huge well done to all of those who presented for putting themselves and their charities forward.


The NBPA AGM is taking place in the NBC on Tuesday, 5 December at 9.00am.  This meeting is open to all The New Beacon parents.  A link to the agenda is below as well as the minutes from the last AGM. Tea and coffee will be provided.

NBPA AGM Minutes – November 2022

NBPA AGM Agenda for December 2023

If you would like to attend the AGM, please email

Nursery News:

Swimming on a Tuesday
After Christmas ALL children who are in on a Tuesday will be given the opportunity to swim in our New Beacon swimming pool with Mrs Bridgeman. This is not an official swimming lesson, but is about getting to know Mrs Bridgeman and becoming confident in the pool. Please encourage your child to try to dry themselves after a bath and to dress and undress themselves in preparation for this.


One last reminder – if your child has had medication prior to coming to school please let a member of the Nursery team know how much, the time and the reason for medication so that we are aware.

Have a lovely weekend,
Mrs Beresford & Mrs Griffiths

Reception News:

Head’s Permission for Absences
Parents are reminded that they should seek permission from the Head and not form teachers for their son to be away from school for a day or more, or a part of the day. You may copy a relevant staff member or the Section Head into your email.


Form Feasts
In keeping with our usual tradition, there will be ‘Form Feasts’ on the last morning of term.  Please click here for more details.


The boys have been making such a lot of progress in their reading and writing this term. The small groups have really helped the boys learn the sounds or skills they need to make progress. We will not have any Phonics sessions next week due to the build up to Christmas and The Nativity, but please do keep playing games with play dough, colouring and drawing, and practising blending the sounds together to make words. There will not be any reading books sent home. Please do keep practising reading with the sound cards and enjoying reading a variety of stories with your son.


The Nativity
Please continue to read through the nativity words with your son. The weekend’s activity is continuing on from The Nativity story. We would like you to retell the story at home. We have sent instructions on Teams, as well as some puppets to use. We look forward to seeing the videos on Monday!

Have a lovely festive weekend,
Mr Braidwood & Mrs Taylor