We have had a number of boys go down with a bug or two during this week. It is that time of the year again and with the colder weather upon us, please do keep your son at home, tucked up in bed should he be showing clear signs of being ill.

We do, however, hope that our senior school boys will all be well enough to be at school for some exciting Christmas events that will take place in the final few days of the term.

One of these events is the Christmas Fayre where the boys will have the opportunity to visit Santa in his Grotto. The boys, kindly assisted by the NBPA mothers, will be hosting the stalls this year. I have heard through the grapevine that 8A have a really special guest and he/she may well be the main drawcard at this event. Good luck to the senior school boys who will be manning the stalls!

There is also the Carol Service, a highlight for many, the whole school Christmas lunch, Christmas jumper days, the Year 8 Secret Santa, form feasts and the Bluewater Christmas shopping trip.

The senior school will also be in attendance at some of the ‘little one’s’ nativity dress rehearsals. This is a time for nostalgia to creep in as they recognise the part they may have played in their own performance a good few years ago.

Keep warm and enjoy your weekend.

Here are a few matters to take note of for this week: 

The New Beacon Carol Service in St Augustine Chapel, Tonbridge School – Thursday, 7 December

This year we are again being hosted by Tonbridge School in their stunning Chapel. The boys will be rehearsing in the Tonbridge Chapel on Thursday morning. They will be transported to and from the venue.

Please follow this link for more details in connection with the Carol Service on Thursday, 7 December at 7.30 p.m.

For parents of Choristers and Instrumentalists please follow this link for more details.


Christmas Jumper Swap
From Monday we shall be providing a Christmas Jumper Swap Shop. Thank you to everyone who has already provided the stall with jumpers they no longer need. Please continue to bring in any Christmas Jumper that you no longer wish to have. The donated jumpers will be on sale inside the Pre Prep Entrance all next week, at the cost of £5.  Please click here for more details.


Form Feasts
In keeping with our usual tradition, there will be ‘Form Feasts’ on the last morning of term.  Please click here for more details.


After School Care Mobile Phone

If you are delayed in picking up your son, please phone the school office on 01732 452 131 before 5.00 p.m., or the Wraparound Care mobile number (07879 427740) after 5.00 p.m., when the school office closes.


Head’s Permission for Absences, Inclusive of Off Games

Parents are reminded that they should seek permission from the Head and not form teachers for their son to be away from school for a day or more, or a part of the day. You may copy a relevant staff member or the Section Head into your email.

We would prefer boys to remain at school should they be off games. If they are recovering from an illness and deemed to be well enough to be in school, we will ensure that they are participating in an indoor activity, doing their prep or catching up on work that they may have missed whilst at home.


Current Year 7 –  Trip to Ypres
As part of the History curriculum, on Tuesday, 1 October 2024 we will depart for a three-day trip to visit Ypres and return early evening on Thursday, 3 October 2024.  If you wish your son to take part in the trip, please complete the form here and return it to Mr Vincent as soon as possible.  Closing date is Monday, 4 December 2023.


Booking for the Spring Term Activities opens on SchoolsBuddy this Tuesday, 5 December and will close on Friday, 8 December.  The list of activities available will be sent out to parents via email on Monday.

Please note that next term all bookings for Wraparound Care will be on the website only, together with Early Years Activity Club (Nursery & Reception), Pre-Prep Activity Club (Y1 & Y2) and Junior School Prep Club (Y3 & Y4).


This year, the choice of charities for the school to support has been entirely led by the boys. Any boy who felt an affinity with a charity could present to their Section’s School Council elected members. The Council members then deliberated and all voted on the charities to be supported.

We are pleased to say that this year we will be supporting:
The Make a Wish Foundation
The British Heart Foundation
The Stroke Association

It was inspiring to hear the many varied reasons why the boys supported certain charities. A huge well done to all of those who presented for putting themselves and their charities forward.


Events for Week 13

Tuesday, 5 December


Boarders’ Christmas Meal

Wednesday, 6 DecemberRugby matches v Bickley Park
Thursday, 7 December

Carol Service Rehearsal at Tonbridge

Supper for Boarders, Choristers and Instrumentalists 5.00 p.m. (See Carol Service above)

Carol Service at Tonbridge 7.30 – 8.30 p.m.

Friday, 8 December Christmas Fayre all day (timings for year groups to follow)


The NBPA AGM is taking place in the NBC on Tuesday, 5 December at 9.00am.  This meeting is open to all The New Beacon parents.  A link to the agenda is below as well as the minutes from the last AGM. Tea and coffee will be provided.

NBPA AGM Minutes – November 2022

NBPA AGM Agenda for December 2023

If you would like to attend the AGM, please email nbpasecretary@newbeacon.org.uk

Eddie Knipe
Head of Senior School