There is frost on the ground, the quarters are counted, and Mr Walkling is sporting his wonderful array of seasonal hats; it must mean that the end of term and therefore Christmas is just around the corner.

The festivities for the Middle and Senior Schools began with gusto at our annual carol service last night. The boys excelled themselves, singing with enthusiasm. It was a triumph! Huge congratulations to all boys, especially those who sang a solo, delivered a reading or played an instrument. No mean feat with such a large audience.

Today’s festive fun has been the Christmas Fayre. This year it was run by the boys themselves, with enormous help provided by the NBPA in decorating and organising Santa’s Grotto. Hopefully the boys have returned home with tales of great games played, and not too many sweets in their pockets.

It has been a tremendous term and as it draws to a close it is worth remembering all the boys’ achievements.  There is, of course, the hard work they put into their lessons and school events but if that did not keep them busy enough, we have had many matches: football, cross country, even a rearranged cricket fixture and more recently rugby – all of which have been played with great passion and sportsmanship. I am always astonished at just how much the boys fit in.

An extra well done to all boys in Year 5: they have made it through their first term in The Middle School. We have been very impressed with the way in which they have taken to the greater level of responsibility. Well done boys, more of the same next term please. And a mention of course to those in Year 6 – many of whom have sat important senior school entry tests over the course of the term with composure and maturity – and good luck to those who still have exams on the horizon.

All that is left for me to say is a final thank you to you, the parents, for your ongoing support. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

The New Beacon Sailing Cruise – 18 July-26 July 2024
Available to all boys in Year 5 to Year 8 boys.  Please see the link below for more details.

NB Sailing Cruise 2024


Form Feasts
In keeping with our usual tradition, there will be ‘Form Feasts’ on the last morning of term.  Please click here for more details.


Christmas Jumper Days for Years 5 and 6
We have already had our first Christmas Jumper Day today. A reminder that on Monday, 11 December and Tuesday, 13 December a Christmas jumper can also be worn. This is not compulsory, but if boys choose to, it should be over the top of normal school uniform.


Y6 Maths / English papers
All boys in Y6 will be bringing home a pack of English and Maths papers next week for use over the holidays should they wish. A number of boys in the year group have senior school entrance exams in the New Year and therefore the material provided may be useful for them in preparing – there is no obligation to complete these, however, and the papers can be used at parents’/boys’ discretion.


Current Y5 & Y6 – Design & Technology Bologna Trip 2024

In October 2024 the Design and Technology Department of The New Beacon is proposing to take a group of year 6 and 7 boys to Bologna. For more details and a provisional programme of events please click here. Alongside the obvious design and construction elements, boys will explore the flavours of Italy at Fico Eataly World with an ice cream making masterclass. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love gelato!

The proposed departure date would be the 19th October 2024, the start of the October half term. This email is to gauge interest, and depending on numbers, the overall price would be around £1300. To that end, should you be interested please email Mr Barratt at


Wraparound Care Arrangements for the last week of term

Please note Breakfast and After School club will continue next week, but  After School club will not run on the last day of term.


NB Parents’ Association Minutes
Please follow this link for the AGM Minutes 2023.