8 December 2023

Boarder’s Christmas Meal
A good time was had by all at the Boarder’s Christmas Meal enjoying great food prepared by our amazing kitchen staff. There was lots of laughter, games and good company.

Happy Christmas from all the Boarders and Boarding House Team.

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NBPA Christmas Fayre

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Engine Idling Competition
A few weeks ago the Eco Warriors decided that engine idling was so bad for young lungs that we should run a drawing competition across the entire school to highlight the dangers, particularly to children on their respiratory systems.  Discussions, presentations and video clips were played to the boys in Pre-Prep and Junior School.  It was decided that the winning drawings would be laminated and placed all around the school to remind parents of this important issue.

All the drawings have now come in and we are delighted that so many boys participated.  It was a difficult decision for us to select the winners, but here they are…


Those pictures that were not selected will appear on notice boards within the school- such as the Eco Board in the Pre- Prep Central Area where assemblies are held.

Our thanks to all of the boys who took part in the competition.  The project will only be considered a success if parents do turn off engines while waiting to pick up their children.  Many thanks for your cooperation and support with this initiative.


Other Eco Warrior News
The copper beech nuts that the Eco Warriors collected are now in the refrigerator simulating winter and will be released from their captivity in a few weeks ready to be grown at the beginning of next term.  We hope that if we are successful some parents may wish to have the young saplings at their home or grounds.

Mr Hutchison

Science in Year 2
This week in Year 2, we have continued to learn about electricity in Science. Boys were given a selection of equipment, such as light bulbs, wires, batteries, battery cases and buzzers, and then given the time to experiment with the items to make the light bulb light up and the buzzer buzz. It was a hive of activity, and all boys managed it in the end. It is always such a wonderful time to give the boys the opportunity to play and learn in this way. The joy of sitting and watching the teamwork and listening to the conversations are always a pleasure.

As there was no Read, Write, Inc this week, Year 2 have focused on descriptive writing. Here, boys were reminded about adjectives and how important they are to paint a picture in the readers’ mind. The boys studied a picture of a winter scene and then had to use adjectives to describe it. We played an adjectives game, which was enjoyed, before writing a class version, modelling what we want them to produce individually.

Boys have been learning about the Great Fire of London this term and in D.T., they made their own houses. A glorious moment was during the making of their houses, the boys burst into ‘London’s Burning’. It was such a beautiful moment. The houses are now on display in the classroom. A big thank you to Mrs Wagstaff for her amazing help!

Drake win the Everitt Cup for the Second Time after a 2 Year Drought.
The Autumn 2023 contest of the Everitt Cup was won for only the 2nd time by Drake, dislodging Nelson’s grip on the Cup and pushing them into second place. Drake’s 3 cadet pairs (Junior – Y6, Inter – Y7 and Senior – Y8) all took the initiative under Capt Ethan Saunders and expertly managed all their end of year conflicts and illness to field their entire first team.  This is the second win in 5 years for Drake and hopefully the fight back to get on even keel with the other companies who have each won 4 or 5 times.

First PlaceDrake 521 ex 600
Second PlaceNelson 511 ex 600
Third PlaceWellington 503 ex 600
Final PlaceMarlborough 492 ex 600


DrakeEthan S (Capt), Damien H, Alexander M, Tristan H-C, Chares B & Olivier B
NelsonNicholas T (Capt), Tom S, Nicolaas H, Diwen S,
WellingtonThomas P (Capt), Jake L, Dev D, Aadi D, Arthur C, Arlo T
MarlboroughEdward B (Capt), Christopher M, Pietro C, Caspar D-M, Alexander P, Max S

Drake was mounting a strong challenge, meanwhile Wellington’s Senior Cadets Thomas P & Jake L shooting together did enough to pass Marlborough and take the lead. Next up, Nelson’s Junior Cadet Diwen S under the pressure of knowing what was needed to push Nelson aside and knowing that Drake were a threat did well to propel Nelson into the lead by 8 points and set the bar for Drake.

Shooting last in a team competition and thereby knowing what is needed to win, places an extraordinary amount of pressure on an individual especially when being watched by peers. This pressure and stress if not controlled can drastically affect performance more often in a negative manner. Nevertheless Drake’s Intermediate Cadet Tristan brushed all those nerves aside and settled down to concentrate on his performance confident of his abilities through plenty of practice & experience down the range. He delivered his best score of the term 90; just 2 points off his Personal Best to win the Everitt Cup for his Company by 10 points.

It is fantastic to see all 24 boys compete well and learn from the experience of delivering personal contributions to a wider team and better still to witness the random nature of the competition based on the boys scheduled activity time & day put individuals into stressful situations (only because it really matters to them) and see them step up and succeed by delivering their best. It bodes well for the rest of the year.

NBSRC  – 1st VIII v St Andrew’s Prep
The New Beacon 1st VIII shooting team travelled to St Andrew’s Prep in Eastbourne to shoot a shoulder to shoulder match. This was the first “Classic 1st Team” match featuring an eight boy team for several years. The previous visits to St Andrew’s in March was for a 1st IV Y6 & a 1st IV Y7 and in May a 1st IV & 2nd IV senior side. For the boys to shoot on a different range (indoor) and gain the experience of competing in a foreign environment is valuable to their overall shooting.

Edward B, Ethan S, Damian H, Tom S, Christopher M, Nicholas T, Thomas P, Jake L (Reserve: Samuel C)

The 1st VIII Team performed very well and managed to beat St Andrew’s in a very competitive contest,  winning by a slim 3 points 746 vs 743pts.

St Andrew’s have a very nice indoor range and the boys know they have a very good opportunity to achieve personal best scores as there is no wind in an indoor range to adversely affect their shooting. The whole team remember only too well that Edward Bryden managed to score a perfect 100/100 last time he visited, the first perfect score for a NB boy in 6 years with a few other boys also eager to get their targets framed and displayed on the range.

The team as a whole shot very well as an averaged of 93.25pts/100 per team member indicates.

Once more with the match being in the balance the pressure builds towards the end of the match with victory not secured until the last shot of the match! So the boys did incredibly well to win this away match against a good and very consistent side (evidenced by their highest score being a 96 with all their scores in the 90’s).

The dust has hardly settled and we have already received an invitation for a return match, so clearly St Andrew’s are very keen to get even and quickly!

Christopher is awarded his 1st VIII shooting badge for representing the school away in a 1st team match (all the other boys having earned their badges already).

Tom is awarded his NBSRC Shooting tie for his excellent performances in school matches and contribution to the school team.