Welcome back, everyone! I hope you had a fantastic holiday season filled with joy and relaxation. It’s great to see all the boys back at school, ready to kick off the new term with enthusiasm and determination. Whether you’re a returning pupil, or a new member of our New Beacon family, this is a fresh start for everyone. A special welcome to our three new boys.

As the colder weather sets in, it’s crucial for the boys to stay warm and comfortable. On this note, please make sure boys are dressed appropriately for the chilly temperatures and have their hats, scarves and gloves with them every day.

As always, there is lots going on in the coming week so do read any notices pertaining to The Pre-Prep and Junior School carefully – if you have any questions or queries do contact either myself, Mrs Taylor or Miss Stone directly.

Let’s make this term one full of achievements, friendships and memorable experiences. Here’s to a successful term!

Enjoy your weekend. Stay warm!

Mrs Alteirac
Head of Pre-Prep and Junior School

A reminder of some important dates for the Spring Term

Week commencing Mon, 29 JanInformal Concerts
Mon, 5 FebChildren’s Mental Health Week
Wed, 7 FebReception Bedtime Read and Safer Internet Day
Fri, 9 FebLunar New Year- Year of the Dragon
Fri, 23 FebOpen Morning
Thurs, 7 MarchWorld Book Day
Mon, 11 – Fri, 15 MarchScience Week and Parents’ Evenings
Fri, 15 MarchRed Nose Day
Wed, 20 MarchEnd of Term


Snow Timetable
Following the excitement of Monday’s snow, we are pleased to share our contingency timetable for snow days for the PP & Junior School (Reception – Year 4).  As in previous years, the first day of snow in any one week will be a fun day for the boys to play in the snow and go for walks etc..  From the second day, we will implement our snow timetable.  As you will see, the timetable covers the usual curriculum with most lessons being taught ‘live’ on Teams and boys being encouraged to come together with the wider community during assemblies.  We would suggest that you and the boys remind yourselves how to log onto Teams, just in case we have inclement weather in the next few weeks.

Any issues with logging on or school e-mail should be addressed to Mr O’Prey, who will contact you as soon as possible.

Reception Online Timetable

Year 1 Online Timetable

Year 2 Online Timetable

Year 3 Online Timetable

Year 4 Online Timetable


Sir Lenny Henry – Friday, 9 February

We are thrilled to announce that Sir Lenny Henry will be visiting The New Beacon on Friday, 9 February.

Please use the link below for more details.

Sir Lenny Henry


Big Garden Birdwatch – RSPB Initiative
We are working with the RSPB to encourage the Big Garden Birdwatch.

The Eco Warriors showed an interest in helping the birds through the winter with bird feed, and with birds more generally.

Please click here to register for the Big Garden Birdwatch.  You spend an hour watching the birds in your patch, between Friday 26 and Sunday 28 January, and record the birds that land.

There is no joining fee for taking part although some may wish to donate.  The website above will give you everything you need including:

  • A how to guide
  • Coloured pictures of all the relevant birds
  • A tally form for your results

The Eco Warriors are keen to get as many boys as possible taking part. We will be promoting this to the boys in assemblies next week with details of the importance of this initiative, together with pictures of the relevant birds (around 15) and we hope you will be able to help the RSPB in the world’s largest wildlife survey.  Please let me know if you have any questions – charles.hutchison@newbeacon.org.uk
Mr Hutchison


Swimming Lessons
As we gear up for another exciting term of swimming lessons, I wanted to take a moment to address a concern that arose last term. We noticed a number of boys who, despite being in school, were not attending their swimming lessons due to runny noses, coughs, and colds.

I understand that there may be reservations about allowing children with mild cold symptoms to participate in swimming, and I want to assure you that we prioritise the well-being of our students above all. However, I’d like to share some important information regarding swimming with mild cold symptoms.

The general advice is that if a child has symptoms that are above the neck, such as a runny nose, cough, or sore throat, they are considered fit for swimming. On the contrary, if symptoms are below the neck or include a fever, it is advisable to keep the child out of the pool.

Swimming is a crucial part of our school curriculum, and we strongly encourage all students to attend their swimming lessons when in school. If your child is well enough to be in school and not on antibiotics, they should be participating in their swimming lessons.

To address any concerns about post-swimming comfort, we take additional measures to ensure the boys dry themselves thoroughly after the lesson. Moreover, we make sure that jumpers, fleeces, coats, and even woolly hats are put on for added warmth when leaving the pool.

We understand that the health and comfort of your child are of utmost importance, and we are committed to providing a positive and safe swimming experience. If you have specific concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out. We value open communication and are here to address any individual needs or considerations.

If your child is not going to swim, please can you email sarah.bridgeman@newbeacon.org.uk to let me know. Otherwise, a spare kit will be given to your child for their lesson.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we work together to make swimming lessons a rewarding and enjoyable part of your child’s education.
Sarah Bridgeman


CPSHE Lessons
The following topics are those that are covered by our PP and JS classes during their CPSHE lessons each week.  If you feel that you would like more information about how a subject is being covered then please feel free to either speak with your son’s class teacher or alternatively email Mrs Alteirac with your questions.

Reception Spring Term:
–  Co-operation, fairness and taking turns
–  Different cultures and beliefs
–  Friendships
–  Self-confidence and self-awareness

Year 1 Spring Term:
Belonging to a community – What rules are: caring for others’ needs: looking after the environment.
Media literacy and digital resilience – Using the internet and digital devices: communicating online.
Money and work – Strengths and interests: jobs in the community.

Year 2 Spring Term:
Belonging to a community – Belonging to a group: roles and responsibilities: being the same and different in the community.
Media literacy and digital resilience – The internet in everyday life: online content and information.
Money and work – What money is: needs and wants: looking after money.

Year 3 Spring Term:
Belonging to a community – The value of rules and laws: rights, freedoms and responsibilities.
Media literacy and digital resilience – How the internet is used: assessing information online.
Money and work – Different jobs and skills: job stereotypes: setting personal goals.

Year 4 Spring Term:
Belonging to a community – What makes a community: shared responsibilities.
Media literacy and digital resilience – How data is shared and used.
Money and work – Making decisions about money: using and keeping money safe.
Mrs Howard