What have Nursery & Reception have been up to this week?
19 January 2024


Our first full week has come to an end and what a week it has been! We have been learning about animals/pets; had PE, Swimming, Music, Read Write Inc., played in the sand, done sticky kids and music and movement sessions, Cosmic yoga and been on adventures in the pirate ship in our adventure playground! It’s exhausting just writing about it all!

Mrs Taylor has started teaching daily Read Write Inc. sessions with the oldest children in Nursery and the children are really enjoying these sessions.

When learning about animals and pets we have learnt the names of all sorts of baby animals such as foals, calves, piglets, kittens, puppies, chicks and ducklings. We played a matching game where we had to identify the animal and then match it to the baby. This was a little bit tricky to start with, but we soon got the hang of it. We have also spoken about how we are babies, toddlers, small children, teenagers and then adults. We have learned that if we are unwell, we visit a doctor but if an animal is unwell, we take the animal to a Vet. We have looked at different foods that animals eat and the foods that we eat to keep us fit and healthy.

Snack is served in the Nursery, where we enjoy crackers with a dairy free spread, cheese and a wide selection of fresh fruit. The children are all encouraged to pour their own drinks. Lunch in the Dining Room is a huge success and the children love the smaller tables and chairs. The children are all trying really hard to use their cutlery correctly and are all trying most things that are on the menu.

We had lots of fun using our wooden/magnetic construction set to build farms and enclosures for both farm and wild animals. The most fun was when we knocked the enclosures down at tidy up time!

In the Art area we have enjoyed mixing paints to create all sorts of new colours. We then used these colours to paint our hands and Mrs G cut out handprints to make a wonderful Chicken that is on display on the wall.

We chose “Down on the farm” in Cosmic yoga this week. This caused lots of giggles as we all made animal poses and sang Old MacDonald had a Farm while in these poses.

We looked at some Makaton signs for animals, and this is something we will continue to revisit until we know all the signs.

Physical Development – We have used our tweezers to pick up small objects like a bird would use their beak. We have also moved in a variety of different ways, such as waddling like a penguin, leaping like a frog, stretching like a cat and flapping our arms like a butterfly flaps its wings.

Maths – We have ordered animals according to size, from largest to smallest and used scales to weight them to find out which animal is the heaviest.


We started the week with a Pre-Prep Assembly with Mrs Taylor about ‘Janus’, the Roman God of beginnings and transitions, who is depicted as having two faces, since he looks to the future and to the past. We linked this with the start of the New Year and how we can reflect on last year and look forwards, to this year. We talked about setting targets for this term and beyond, related to the targets written in their reports. We have also recapped our class and school rules and we talked in our PSE session about why it is important to consider the needs and feelings of others.

We have talked a lot about Winter and the types of things we associate with Winter. The boys wrote about what ‘Winter Brings’ and included such words as snow, snowflakes, snowmen, wind, rain, cold, frost, icicles etc. They also illustrated their writing with a wintery picture. We have thought about the types of weather we have in winter and have discussed the ways in which people, animals and birds cope with the colder weather. The boys enjoyed sorting out pictures of different clothing items for the relevant suitcase.

We have introduced ‘position’ this week and have focused on the language associated with this such as above, below, beside, next to, under, over, opposite, in front of, behind, between, left, right etc. The boys have been following positional instructions in a range of activities. They had to arrange toys on a shelf in the correct way, they had to colour squares in a grid according to specific instructions and draw a picture in accordance with verbal instructions. As well as knowing the associated language they also had to listen to the instructions which some found tricky!

In ICT this week the boys were using their mouse to play some different games. The key is to develop mouse control and basic keyboard skills at this age and the fun games they played enabled that. The boys warmed up their fingers by writing their names with snowballs and then they made a snowman. Then they drew a picture of a Winter Tree using the CBeebies Creative Lab and then for fun they played games for position!