What have Nursery & Reception have been up to this week?
26 January 2024


This week has all been about colours in Nursery. Firstly we arrived to find our garden full of branches, twigs and pinecones following the storm we had the night before. Now all Nursery practitioners love finding pinecones and when you arrive to find a garden FULL of them you can imagine our excitement! The children quickly set about collecting them and soon had to give up counting them as we had so many, we literally had a huge box full! We then collected the twigs and put them over the fence for the nature area that is being created for the Crested Newts. We then looked at all the different colours of the pinecones and left some outside and they turned a dark brown colour, the ones we brought in dried out and became orange!

We have been having lots of fun playing in the sand trays and the most exciting moment was when we opened the trays to find that the sand had frozen! We then had to decide which sand tools worked best to break the ice up – rakes worked best for this!

We have a set of coloured floor dots for the children to sit on in Nursery. We laid them out and then called out different colours for them to listen to the colour that was called out and then jump on that particular colour.

Personal Social and Emotional Development
We have discussed how colours keep us safe which has led us to talk about red and blue on taps to show us which tap is hot and which is cold. We have also talked about the colours on traffic lights, and their meaning, red meaning we stop and green means we can go.

We have baked biscuits this week which has been a lot of fun using our new kitchen. The children took turns to add ingredients to the scales and look at how the numbers change as we added or removed ingredients. We had lots of fun beating the egg, butter and sugar together and things got a little messy but it was such fun! They tasted good too for snack the next day.

Expressive Art and Design
The children worked really hard to make Elmer the Elephant. We used milk cartons and covered them with squares of coloured tissue paper following on from reading the story.

Understanding The World
We were amazed when we made our own magical skittles rainbow this week. We placed a circle of sweets around the outside of the plate then added a little warm water, this melted the sugar causing the colours to blend together creating a beautiful rainbow pattern. It’s a great experiment to do at home too!

Mrs Taylor has been doing daily phonic session with the older children and this is going really well. The boys have learnt m,a,s,d,t,p,i,n and g so far!

Mrs Bridgeman said those who are swimming are all doing really well. Can we please encourage the children to start trying to get dressed and undressed by themselves.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you all next week.

Warm wishes

Mrs Beresford and Mrs Griffiths


It has been another fun packed week for the boys and they continue to impress us all with their progress and attitude to learning. We have also continued our focus on Cold Countries this week, and continued our discussions about winter. Unfortunately the cold weather was replaced by wind, which did not help with the weekend task for Ice Sun Catchers! Thank you to those who made the effort, and even used the freezer! Here are a few of yours to show you all.

Much of our teaching is done through stories and we have focused on a couple of texts this week titled ‘The Big Dark’ and ‘Immi’. ‘The Big Dark’ is a story about an Inuit boy called Chinoo who is heading to see the first sunrise after the winter darkness and the animals he meets along the way. We shall continue with this story next week. ‘Immi’ is about an Inuit girl who goes fishing and keeps catching colourful trinkets instead of fish. She decorates her igloo with all the colourful things and when the igloo finally melts she drops her white polar bear trinket in to the icy fishing hole. The story ends with a little boy, who had been throwing the colourful trinkets into the sea on the other side of the world, finding her trinket on his beach. The boys wrote about what special trinket they would drop in the icy hole for someone to find. Their independent writing has made huge progress, and we are very proud of their effort and ability.

This week the boys have started to look at the topic of Weight. The boys have enjoyed learning how to compare two different weights and they have also learnt about different types of weighing scales. The boys then used balance scales to weigh different objects around the classroom. They then discussed why the 5 different pencils were all different weight; not uniformed items. So they also learnt making it a fair test when weighing and comparing. We first ordered the boys in height order from tallest to shortest and then weighed them and sorted them from heaviest to lightest. They learned that just because something is taller (or bigger) it is not necessarily heavier.

Following our focus on weighing the boys have been using their skills in their ICT lesson. Firstly they played Happy Camel and had to work out which bowl contained the toy. Then they played Mostly Postie where they had to place the parcels and envelopes on the scales and then read the weight. Lots of problem solving skills this week as well as enhancing their mouse grip and control. Well done, boys!

Our final activity of the week was to prepare for the Big Birdwatch. The boys have been learning the names of the 10 most common birds, and we hope you will be surprised at how many they can recognise! We have made some binoculars to help with your birdwatch over the weekend.

Wishing you a lovely weekend,

Mrs Taylor and Mr Braidwood