Well done to all of the year 8 boys who participated in the Tonbridge School Sport, Music, Art and Drama Scholarships this week. By all accounts the interviews and the experience of participating was well received by the boys. There were indeed aching muscles from those who participated in the Cowdrey Scholarship. We shall wait in anticipation to see if we are to have any Scholarship offers.

Our Senior School boys continue to enjoy their rugby season and have recorded some good results this week.

The 1st team hockey boys are participating in the IAPS Qualifiers in Ipswich today. They left at 7.30 a.m. and hopefully they were able to have a bit of a nap on route before the start of the tournament. Messrs Herbert and Burton have been working hard on enhancing the boys’ skills during the before school sessions.

Our intrepid early morning cross country runners have been enjoying their route around The Lower and Upper. I do say ‘enjoying’ as if I would want to join in, but fear not boys, I leave that to the hardier souls. Messrs Ribbans-Opara and Young give up of their time in the mornings and I know that the boys are most appreciative.

Congratulations to Luca Clements whose selection to represent Kent in cross country is imminent.

Have a pleasant weekend.

Eddie Knipe
Head of Senior School

Here are a few notices that you should be aware of for the next few days and weeks: 

CPSHE Syllabus for the Spring Term
Please find below a very brief summary of what we will be looking at in CPSHE this term.

Year 7 – Relationships
Diversity – Diversity, prejudice and bullying
Rights and Responsibilities

Health and wellbeing
Health and puberty – Healthy routines, influences on health (smoking, vaping, alcohol), puberty, unwanted contact

Year 8 – Living in the Wider World
Sustainable Development Goals and Population Growth

Discrimination – discrimination in all its forms, including racism, religious discrimination, disability, sexism, homophobia, biphobia and transphobia

Health and wellbeing
Emotional wellbeing – Mental health and emotional wellbeing, including body image and coping strategies

If you should have any questions or need any clarification about the above-mentioned topics, please contact Mr Bromwich.


Candlemass Chapel Service
Senior School parents are invited to attend our Senior School chapel service next Friday, 2 February which will be reflecting upon Candlemas, and Mr Swann as Lay Chaplain will give the address continuing this term’s theme of Personal heroes and inspirational figures.

Looking ahead to after half term, we will be welcoming Mr Jesse Elzinga, Headmaster at Sevenoaks School as our guest on Friday, 1 March. As ever, all are welcome to attend our chapel services starting at 4.45pm.

If you are not attending our chapel services,  please remember to collect your son from outside the Music and Art Centre if he is in the chapel choir, and for the rest of the boys, from outside TNBC at 5.20 p.m.


Lost Property
Items of clothing going missing is an on-going battle for any school, and it is no exception here. Theft is, thankfully, very rare at The New Beacon and a lost item is more likely to be a simple case of a boy forgetting where he may have left it, or it accidentally being picked up during changing for Games or PE by someone else. Our new Director of Sport, Mr Herbert, will be sorting lost property weekly and whilst items may take a while to work through the system, we will endeavour to help your son locate anything missing. However, with all teachers having very busy schedules, do please forgive us if we simply asked your son to retrace his steps and ‘have a good look’ in the first instance. It goes without saying that having everything clearly named certainly helps things!


Sporting Fixtures
Rugby matches v Hawthorns on Wednesday, 31 January

U12 and U13 Hudson Cup at Somerhill on Saturday, 3 February

Please click here for all team selections, timings and venues.


The Schools Triathlon – Sunday, 12 May 2024 – Years 3-6
We have been invited to enter the School Triathlon at Sevenoaks School, if you would like to enter your son/s (teams of 4), please register before Friday, 16 February 2024.

Schools Triathlon Invitation

Please keep us updated with how you along for a superb cause.


Year 8 Examination Revision Notes
Mr Vincent is collating the revision notes supplied by your son’s subject teachers and these will be available soon. However, I would hope that the boys are already revising and they will definitely already have sufficient materials to be planning their revision programme. There is also time for the boys to be asking relevant staff for assistance prior to the examination should the need arise.

Examination dates: Monday, 26 February – Thursday, 29 February.


Year 7 Parents’ Evenings
This serves as a reminder that we have two year 7 parents’ evenings on the horizon.

Tuesday, 6 February: 7C and 7A (Surnames C – H)
Thursday, 8 February: 7A (Surnames M – W) and 7B
Venue: The Studio in The New Beacon Centre
Time: 4.45 p.m. – 7.00 p.m.

There is no need to make a booking, but it would be appreciated if all interviews can be kept to 5 minutes. Should you require more time you may make an appointment to meet on another occasion.

Should you not be able to make the allocated evenings, please do inform your son’s form teacher that you will be attending on a different evening.

There will be coffee, tea and water available for all in attendance.

I shall place another reminder of these details in next week’s correspondence.


A reminder that breaktime snacks should be healthy options.  Please also remember that these snacks and any other food/drink brought into school should not contain any nuts.


Quarter Plusses
Boys collect quarters throughout the year for good work, being especially well-mannered and kind and helpful. There are many other ways of earning quarter plusses as well.

These quarters along with those gained during the year in inter-company competitions, viz. company music, rugby, football, hockey, basketball, cricket, swimming, cross-country, hockey, art, etc. count towards determining the winning company for the academic year.

All staff may award the boys a quarter plus, even two on occasion, an E recommendation to be shown to the relevant Section Head or a Head’s award. The Head’s award is very special as the boys are then invited to Mrs Brownsdon’s study where they are afforded the chance to showcase their excellent work.

An E recommended or a Head’s award can also be awarded to a boy who has shown exceptional progress and a dogged determination to improve in areas other than just academic.

That in a nutshell explains the little ‘squiggles’ in your son’s workbooks that denote a quarter plus.


Lunch Menu Change
As the Lunar New Year falls on Saturday, 10 February this year, instead of preparing our New Year Celebration Menu on the last day of term, we will celebrate this on Thursday instead.  Another change to the menu for that week will be Wednesday, 7th February when we will prepare beef pastitsio, and the vegetarian option will be Quorn mince pastitsio.


NBPA Seals Family Fun Swim!
The NBPA Seals Family fun Swim is our fantastic, family swimming club, open to ALL New Beacon families. It is a wonderful opportunity to use the school pool, splash about and have fun over the holidays, at a very reasonable price.

The school’s heated, indoor pool is perfect for younger children to be able to stand safely in the shallow end while older children swim. There are fun pool toys, floats and most importantly, other children to play with! Adults can swim with their younger children if they’d like or sit on the poolside and enjoy watching the fun. The children love it!

NBPA Seals offer an annual membership or a pay per week for all New Beacon families, and two guests can come too! The pool is open Monday – Friday from 2 – 5pm during the school holidays (excluding bank holidays and Christmas).

Please do spread the word about the NBPA Seals so that we can continue providing this brilliant opportunity for our whole school community.

If you would like more information, please email Sarah Hinds at newbeaconseals@yahoo.co.uk or click on the following link:  NBPA Seals


Big Garden Birdwatch – RSPB Initiative
We are working with the RSPB to encourage the Big Garden Birdwatch.

The Eco Warriors have shown an interest in helping birds through the winter with bird feed, and with birds more generally. The following link will take you to the relevant site where you can register for the Big Garden Birdwatch – www.rspb.org.uk/birdwatch.   You spend an hour watching the birds in your patch, between Friday, 26 and Sunday, 28 January, and record the birds that land.

There is no joining fee for taking part although some may wish to donate.  The website above will give you everything you need including:

  • A how to guide
  • Coloured pictures of all the relevant birds
  • A tally form for your results

The Eco Warriors are keen to get as many boys as possible taking part. We have promoted this to all boys in assembly in the Pre-Prep and Junior School with the details of the importance of this initiative, together with pictures of the relevant birds (around 15) and showing them how to identify the birds by their colour, size, song and beaks.  Middle and Senior school are also participating.  We hope you will be able to help the RSPB in the world’s largest wildlife survey.  Please let me know if you have any questions – Charles.hutchison@newbeacon.org.uk

Charles Hutchison


Music Photography Exhibition

Before going into teaching, our head of DT Mr Barratt was a photographer, mainly within the music business. Should you be in south London, he has a small exhibition of his work at Upside Down Records in Deptford. Pictured is Sinead O’Connor, taken in the early 90’s for a New Musical Express cover story. You can have a look at more of his images here.

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