26 January 2024

Year 2
2RR have started a new topic in Science this term – Materials. Unfortunately, the weather was dismal on Tuesday afternoon, so we held our Materials Hunt in the classroom instead. The big news of the lesson was that rubbers aren’t usually made of rubber and that rubber comes from a tree. News Flash!

In R.S., we have been looking at Rangoli patterns and this week the boys worked in groups of four to create their own. This week was the designing part, next week colours will be added. I am so proud of not only the work, but how the groups worked together. To add to that, the boys actually went round the room complimenting other groups on their design. I am really looking forward to next week’s outcome.

In R.S., 2JB too, made their own Rangoli patterns and a Rakhi bracelet for the festival of Raksha Bandhan. They also made a Murti, which will go into the Hindu shrine!

Great work, boys!

Rowland Constantine General Knowledge Shield First Round
This week four of the school’s top ‘quizzers’ took part in a heat against Hilden Grange and Holmewood House competing for a place in the final of the regional competition. After a series of ten individual and team rounds which included topics as diverse as scientific discoveries, famous nicknames, Disney and battles, the New Beacon team came out on top, scoring 57 points, nine clear of second place. We also found out that they were the top scoring school across the region, and so Aniket, Kyle, Ify and Hugh (team captain) will compete for the title in April. Well done!

Here are some questions from the quiz. How well can you do?

Hover over ‘answer’ to reveal:

  1. What element did Polish scientists Marie and Pierre Curie discover in 1898?   Answer 1
  2. There was outrage when a tree next to Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland was felled. What was the name of the tree?  Answer 2
  3. What is the traditional Japanese theatre form known for its elaborate makeup and costumes?  Answer 3
  4. How many Oscars did Walt Disney himself win? (+/-3).  Answer 4
  5. Where am I? A temple complex in Cambodia and is the largest religious monument in the world.  Answer 5

Mr Swann

Drama Scholarship
Murad K and Frederick P after their amazing performance on Thursday evening in The New Beacon theatre in preparation for their Drama Scholarship at Tonbridge School. Mrs Armstrong has done a brilliant job in coaching the two candidates for them to be able to perform their monologues as perfectly as they did.


Sports Reports

Team of Week – U11B
Players of the Week – William M and Tymur – on Monday, 29 January they will receive a Monday morning breaktime session in the Sports Hall of a sport of their choice.

Senior School Sports

Wednesday, 24 January saw The New Beacon take on Holmewood House.

U12A won 45-10

U12B won 25-5. PoM –  Xander Evans

U13A won 50-20 with great performances from Alex P and Sammy C and PoM was Tommy P. Outstanding play after going 5-0 down in the first five minutes.

13Bs drew 6-6. PoM


Middle School Sports

Wednesday, 24 January saw The New Beacon take on Holmewood House.

U10A won 6-4 An impressive win against a strong Holmewood House team, who had not lost until the game on Wednesday. The A team were down two players due to illness, so Myles W. stepped up from the Bs for his debut. There were ten tries in the match, back and forth, but New Beacon pulled ahead in the second half to win 6-4 at the end. Offensively, we had learnt from the previous defeat at Yardley; our passing was much slicker in this game with some excellent offensive phases. However, we still need to work on tackling – too many missed tackles by not tackling low enough.
Performance of the day: William Mitchell, who scored 3 tries.

U10B won 11-7. A great game with excellent performance from Matthe W. Jamie C and Leo P. Pom Eddie G.

U10C 10-4 loss. This was a game of two halves. The opposition were quite strong, however, we battled back a little from 8-1 down at half-time. A great solo try from the PoM, Herushaan Mayooran

U11A won 45-0

U11B Won 35-0

U11C drew 2-2.  A brilliant game of touch rugby. Some fantastic tries from Diwen & Tymur. Tymur was PoM due to solid defence and defensive work.