From Hindu shines to running their own shop, Year 2 have done it all over the last two weeks!

We’ve all been investigating 3d shapes, looking at their properties and learning which 2d shapes make certain 3d shapes. We’ve learnt new vocabulary, like vertices, and enjoyed comparing shapes to real life objects – a cone is an ice-cream cone, a square-based pyramid is The Great Pyramid in Egypt, and a cylinder is, of course, a baked bean tin. Once our Shape topic had finished, we moved onto money. Boys have handled real money to discover that it is about the value, not the size, of a coin that matters. We then had a surprise for the boys after first play when 2RR’s classroom was no longer a classroom, it was a shop! Boys had money and were able to enter and buy items, calculating how much money they needed before going to the shopkeepers.

In Music, boys have played ocarinas, learning a few notes and playing along to songs. We also had a small percussion group making a beat for us. This week, we got the i-pads out and played on a wonderful website, learning about rhythm and tempo. Every single boy absolutely loved it and were so engaged, the adults wondered where the hour had gone.

In R.S., boys went to a Hindu shine and learnt about the different objects that can be seen and the reason that they are there. We learnt about our senses and which objects are for which sense, eg. a bell is rung upon entry to announce one’s arrival to the shine. Obviously, this is our hearing sense.

It has been a fantastic couple of weeks, and now we wish the boys (and families) a wonderful half term break.