This has been a short, but certainly busy, half-term. Boys in Y6 continue their journey with senior school entry, and those in Y5 have now settled into their new classes and are working well. We will be looking forward to seeing Y5 parents at the Y5 Parents’ Evening after half term – further details below – and will enjoy this opportunity to discuss your sons’ progress thus far this year.

There have been numerous Rugby fixtures this week with both the U10s and U11s in action. Whilst playing to win is always important, we never fail to be impressed with the sportsmanship New Beacon boys show and it is always lovely to receive compliments from other schools about our boys’ conduct and etiquette on and off the field the play. However, it has been brought to my attention this week that some boys, particularly those in the A-teams, are becoming a little ‘boastful’ and I have made it absolutely clear that this sort of behaviour will not be happening again! We respect all boys, regardless of their sporting ability, and everyone should be treated as such. Parents reinforcing this message at home would be greatly appreciated.

As we now move into a week away from study, I urge all boys to be given the opportunity to take some time off and recharge their batteries. The school days are long and action-packed, and there is no clearer sign of fatigue than a drop in performance – the build-up to the Easter break will be busy (with Y6 preparing for their play) and we want to see boys in top form.

I do wish all boys (and parents!) an enjoyable week off and we look forward to seeing you all again on Monday 19th February, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

Tom Probert
Head of Middle School

Year 5 Parents’ Evening
We look forward to welcoming Y5 parents on the evenings of:

  • Tuesday, 20 February (5A and 5B names B-H) from 4:45pm until 7:00pm
  • Thursday 22 February (5C and 5B names J-W) from 4:45pm until 7:00pm

Consultations will be held in The Studio (top floor of The New Beacon Centre) and all academic teachers will be available for the duration of the evening – no appointments are necessary and tea/coffee will be available. Teachers of non-academic subjects will be available until 5:45pm. A polite reminder that Parents’ Evenings are for adults only – I hope that this advanced warning will mean childcare arrangements can be finalised beforehand. The Y5 teaching staff look forward to seeing you there.


School Ski Competitions – Years 4-8
At The New Beacon we are looking at entering teams in the ESKIA, IAPS & Precise Kents Schools Association Competitions. These competitions are spread out throughout the year and will give the boys who ski regularly and to a high ability a chance to represent the school in skiing on both an individual and team perspective. If you are interested in entering these competitions, please contact Mr Herbert on

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