Nursery Highlights

We have had a “Blast” this week as we have explored Space! We started the week by reading books about each planet and found different facts about them. ‘Nora, the girl who ate and ate’ and ‘Aliens love underpants’ have certainly been our favourites!

This led to us getting messy with papier Mache as we started to make some planets. The children have also learned the names of all the different planets. We created the moon in our tuff tray and the children explored lots of different textures and many other materials. Egg boxes make wonderful craters for our wooden astronauts to explore!

There was lots of mathematical language used as children counted down from 10 – 0 when their rockets blasted off to space. More and less was used when children transported sand around the tray to create their own stories as they played.

In the garden, the space theme continued as we pinned planets around the garden and called our planet names and the children ran to that planet. Wooden crates and metal colanders made fantastic rockets and space helmets! Space helmets, telescopes, rockets, star constellations, chalk planets and many other exciting activities! There was lots of giggling as they “whooshed” around! Small wooden bricks and cotton reels have made lovely rockets, along with toilet rolls and tissue paper which made wonderful fiery trails as we zoomed around with them.

The children enjoyed watching a clip of a real rocket launch, this brought up lots of questions about what people wear and eat in space. We used a projector to project stars onto the ceiling, the children thought this was amazing! We explained about gravity and how space people wear very heavy boots in space and we enjoyed walking like spacemen! We have even tried some NASA space ice cream (freeze dried chocolate ice cream)! Cooking this week was also space themed, we had rock cakes!

Alongside space we have enjoyed remembering our construction theme. The garden became a building site with a wooden work bench and tools, safety helmets, giant wooden building bricks, a wheel barrow and our imaginations!

PE has been about learning to follow instructions.

Reception Highlights

This week the boys have continued to enjoy learning about the Polar Regions. They liked playing with ice and creating their own Antarctica. It’s a really simple thing to do, find any polar region animals, then just fill up balloons with water, and freeze! The boys have also learnt about all the different animals that live in the polar regions. Some live in the Arctic and some in Antarctica, and some in both!

This week in ICT we played a Phonics game. The boys listened to the word and then tried to spell it out. Games like these really help the boys to consolidate the learning they are doing in their Phonics lessons. The boys then played this Pirate game. Listening to instructions, problem solving and using their mouse is always a great challenge for the boys.

The boys have had a great week in their PE lessons this week playing hockey! They enjoyed using the indoor sticks and controlling the ball with their stick. They then had to pass the ball to their partner and back.

Shopping in Reception
Thank you to everyone for participating in the Shopping Challenge over half term. The photos and videos look such a lot of fun! To finish the week on money in the classroom, we also set up a shop and the boys used their skills to purchase different items and pay with the correct coins. They have learnt such a lot since we introduced the topic of money. Many knew nothing of the coins and their value but they are shopping really well now. Please can you continue to talk about the coins and their value, and keep this interest going until the next time we visit money again in school.