It is hard to believe that we have but a mere four and a half weeks before the start of the Easter break. We do, however, have much to do before we enjoy this holiday.

In our Chapel Assembly on Monday morning, Mrs Brownsdon congratulated all the boys who recently competed for a Scholarship at Tonbridge School. They had all prepared well for the day and are commended for their efforts. As in sport and many other competitions, there can only be one or two winners in each category. The following boys were successful in being awarded a Scholarship:
Shabd L (Cowdrey Sports Scholarship)
Tom S and Severo B (Music Scholarship)
Freddie P (Drama Scholarship)

Later in the week we received further good news in that Luca C had been awarded a Sports Scholarship to Radnor House.

Earlier this term we also had wonderful news from Caterham where Harry G (Academic) and Joshua G (Drama) were also awarded Scholarships.

The Year 8 cohort will be sitting their mock examinations, starting on Monday, 26 February. It was pleasing to see that most of the boys had knuckled down to some meaningful revision during the half-term break. For the few who might not have put in the necessary effort, it is not too late, and a review of the practice papers forwarded to all boys in Year 8 might be a good idea.

Besides the pending examinations, the boys are also hard at work rehearsing for the Company Music Competition. This event is a firm favourite with all Middle and Senior School boys. With such an amazing selection of instrumentalists and solo singers to choose from, this year’s event promises to be very special! The theme for this year’s competition is ‘colours’ and it will be a surprise for the audience on the day to see what song each Company has chosen.

Congratulations to 7C boys who were the first form to reach their target for Quarter Pluses for this term. They were treated to a kit-kat and a hot chocolate drink at first break on Tuesday. The boys in 7B, who have also reached their target, will receive their reward on Tuesday, 27 February. Well done, boys!

Keep collecting those Quarter Pluses, E Recommendations and Head’s Special Recognition Awards!

Enjoy your weekend and may the sun shine brightly for all of us! Dwech ymlaen Cymru!

Mr Knipe
Assistant Head

World Book Day
On Thursday, 7 March the whole school will be celebrating World Book Day. There will be a variety of activities occurring throughout the week and on the actual day.


Iceland Adventure 2024

If your son has signed up for the Iceland trip which departs on the 23 March, please ensure that he gives you a copy of the form that he will have received today. There is a return slip for information that I will need by the 1 March.

Please note the departure and arrival times from Gatwick Airport on Saturday, 23 March.

This form also contains information relating to ‘what to pack for Iceland’.


Year 8 Exam Preparation

A few hints to assist directed to your son in preparing for each day’s examination: –

  • Have a good night’s sleep.
  • Do not spend time playing computer games when you should be revising.
  • Stay off social media platforms.
  • Eat well and healthily – try and avoid ‘junk’ food for the duration of the examination.
  • Have a good breakfast – there is nothing worse than being tired and hungry whilst sitting an examination.
  • Have a snack for the 11.00 a.m. break.
  • Bring a water bottle to school.
  • Ensure that you pack all that you will need for the following day’s examinations before you go to bed, e.g. for Mathematics, make sure that you have a calculator that works, a pencil or two, a ruler and a protractor.
  • Be ready to come to school on time. During the examination week , try not to wake up too late and then have to rush to get ready for school.
  • Enjoy your breaks between examinations.


Walthamstow Hall Team Building and Disco – Friday, 1 March
There are still a few places available for the social being hosted by Walthamstow Hall for Year 7 and 8.  This social starts at 6.30 p.m.   BOOK HERE!  

Participating schools:  Walthamstow Hall, Solefield and The New Beacon

The New Beacon staff member in attendance:   Mr Ribbans-Opara


Senior School Chapel Service on Friday, 1 March

Parents are invited to attend the Senior School chapel service on Friday, the 1st March which starts at 4.45 p.m.

The guest speaker is the Head of Sevenoaks School, Mrs Jesse Elzinga.

This and all other Friday chapel services are compulsory for all Year 7 and 8 boys. Should your son have to miss a service for a legitimate reason, permission must be sought from Mrs Brownsdon and not form teachers.

Reminder – after the service, choir members should be collected from outside the Music and Art Centre and all other boys from outside TNBC.

The service should end at approximately 5.40 p.m.


Outdoor Shoes and Reflective Armbands
Your son has been given a further reminder that he must have his outdoor shoes in school and stored in the rack provided. He will not be able to play on the playing fields without them, especially when the fields are slightly damp.

You may dispense with the reflective armbands from the school blazer as this need no longer be worn. You may want to store them away for use next year.


New Blue Bookbags
It has come to our notice that many of our senior boys are being somewhat lazy when it comes to our request that they must not carry all of their books and files around the school in their new blue bookbags.

They are regularly reminded by their form teachers that when they arrive at school in the morning, they should pack only the books that they will need up to first break into their bags.

When first break ends, they have sufficient time to pack the books needed for lessons up to lunch.  After the lunch break they then pack for the final session of the day.  There is absolutely no need for them to lug all of their books around throughout the day. It is a discipline that needs to be learnt.

Parents should reinforce this message at home. The last thing we would want is for boys to suffer prematurely of back ailments.


Traffic on the Campus
Motorists are requested to please adhere strictly to the speed limit whilst driving on the school premises. A further reminder that you should not be using your mobiles when your vehicle is moving.

As much as we educate our boys to be vigilant when using the traffic crossings which are clearly marked on the drive, boys will sometimes forget to look before crossing.


Update to SOCS
We have enabled a new feature on SOCS which allows coaches to not only publish their teams but also email you the team sheet with all the relevant information on it.

That will come into effect from next week. If it is a weekend fixture or a trip/tour, we will ask for a Parents consent where you will have to sign in to SOCS, but this will not be often.


Company Hockey – 28 February 2024
We are delighted you can attend the company hockey showcasing your son/s hockey ability. It is an all-inclusive event from the 2-x field hockey on the astro to the indoor Euro hoc in the Sports Hall with every boy if able participating. You will be able to spectate from around the astro for the outdoor games and the studio for the indoor matches. Pupils will stay on their specific pitches for the duration of the event so that they are ready for their next game. Please ensure your son/s have hockey shin pads, mouthguard, hockey sticks (if you have one, school can provide if not), a water bottle and a warm waterproof coat. Refreshments will be served in the studio for the duration of the afternoon. We are looking forward to seeing you for an afternoon full of fun and competitive matches.  All Year 5 & 6 Boys will head to activities after company hockey and cannot be taken straight home.

Company Hockey Programme


Year 7 and 8 Spring Term Games Session: Hockey

Invasion Games: Mouthguard, shinpads, games kit (long blue games socks, blue games shorts, reversible games top), trainers and boots.

Hockey/Invasion Sport: Mouthguard, shinpads, games kit (long blue games socks, blue games shorts, reversible games top), trainers and boots.

Hockey for Squad players/Invasion games for the rest: Mouthguard, shinpads, games kit (long blue games socks, blue games shorts, reversible games top) and trainers.

If in doubt please bring mouthguard, shinpads, trainers and boots.


Games Bags and Kit
Please ensure that all Games bags are taken home every evening. The changing rooms are cleaned every night and currently they are unable to be cleaned due to numerous bags being left each evening.

A few boys are currently turning up to PE and Games with their school socks on and in their school shoes. Please ensure that your son has white socks and white-soled trainers for PE and blue games socks and trainers/boots for Games.

Please click here to catch up with all our latest news over the last week.