Nursery Highlights

We have had another amazing week in Nursery. Children have learned about 2D and 3D shapes. This has been done by looking at the shapes, seeing pictures of shapes and playing games using the shape names. In the garden, children had the chance to listen to instructions such as “Go to the triangle then the circle then the square”. We built towers using 3D shapes such as cubes, cylinders, triangular prisms, cuboids and cones. Children looked at household items such as cereal boxes, tinned food and toothpaste boxes to name them. Please see if they know any of these names at home with your household objects.

We also enjoyed threading wooden beads onto string to make necklaces. This gave us the opportunity to practise naming the shape, counting how many beads we had used and also working on our hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills (tripod grip). All of these skills are useful preparation for handwriting. Different shapes and sizes of pasta and rice were in the tuff tray and children used different scoops, cups and vehicles to transport the items around the tray.

We used the smart board to look at patterns. We played a game where the children needed to look at a simple shape/colour pattern such as pink square, blue triangle, red square, and they had to decide which shape/colour came next in the pattern.

We went for a shape walk around the school. The children were put into pairs and given a clipboard with some simple shape pictures on. One partner carried the clipboard and the other had a magnifying glass. We set off…. we found “rectangle” bricks, saw a “triangle” on a bird table” a “circle” bench and a “square” drain cover amongst many other shapes!

Using play dough, the children helped measure and scoop the ingredients before making cookies and buns that they later sold in their own bakers shop.

Our cooking activity this week was making pizzas, which were then enjoyed for snack. They used an oval pitta bread, topped with circles of salami and triangles of cheese.

We have also spoken a lot about last week’s topic that was Space and we use shapes to create rockets!

Mrs Taylor has been doing daily phonics sessions with the children who are moving up to Reception. They have covered many sounds so far. Hopefully they are telling you the letter sounds they have learnt. You can click here for a useful video for how to say the sounds correctly with your son. You can also watch this useful video to help the boys Fred Talk sounds to make words.

Mr Herbert, Mr Eisway and Mr Young took the children for PE and said they are all listening well and following instructions. Swimming with Mrs Bridgeman has been great too. Please can we still encourage children to dress and undress themselves.

Reception Highlights

In Maths this week we have continued to focus on number recognition and the relative value of numbers. We have also learned more about tens and units. Next week we will be revisiting addition and subtraction and introducing time.

The boys have really enjoyed learning more about money and in ICT they played games relating to this. They had to customise a racing car and had to pay the correct amounts using their knowledge of coins. You can play this game here. We have also been focusing on number recognition. Although we didn’t use this game it is a really fun game to help the boys recognise numbers and practise their ICT and listening skills at the same time.

Mother’s Day Preparation
We have been preparing for Mother’s Day this week. A little early we know but next week we shall be exploring books as part of Book Week. We have talked about why we love our mummies so much, have written our cards in our guided writing and they have written independently about their mummies. They answered questions about eye colour, hair colour, favourite food and drink and things that their mummies like to do and why they love their mummies so much.

Trip to The Polka Theatre
Reception enjoyed their visit to Wimbledon to see ‘Tidy’ at The Polka Theatre this week. It is a story about Pete the badger, who likes everything to be neat and tidy at all times, but what starts as the collecting of one fallen leaf escalates and ends with the complete destruction of the forest! It is a very sweet story, and you can listen to it here. The boys behaved very well and sat beautifully for the show.