Year 2 have had some exciting times since returning from the half-term break.

We have been focusing on money in Maths and combining this with our previous knowledge of More than, Less than and Charlie the Crocodile…! Who would have the least money and get eaten by Charlie?! Last week in English, we studied ammonites and prehistoric sea creatures. We researched using the iPads, planned an adventure story and wrote the stories using adjectives to make the writing come alive! It certainly did that! The boys seemed to love this topic and many fossils have been brought into school to share with peers. This week, we have moved onto poetry. We read a poem called The Magic Box by Kit Wright and boys have thought what they would put in theirs, as well as making their own box – linking nicely with our topic of 3D shapes last term! We shall continue to work on this next week, with the boys finally writing their own version of the poem.

In Science, we have looked at natural and manmade materials and walked around the school doing rubbings of each. In Music, children were put in groups and given a season. They then composed some music to represent that season. The audience had to take a guess of what season it was!

Finally, in Art, Mrs Wagstaff gave a wonderful input about structures and the boys then did a still-life sketch, which will then be made into structures themselves next week.

Mrs Rix
Year 2 teacher and Science Co-odinator