Nursery Highlights

What a week this week has been! Welcome to Hadi and his family who have joined Nursery. The children have all made Hadi feel very welcome by showing him around the Nursery, including him in their games, and holding his hands on their way to PE. It’s been really lovely to watch!

PE this week has been lots of fun, Adam got the sportsman of the week award! The children have played hockey and also worked on their listening skills when being given instructions to follow.

This week has all been about World Book Day. We have shared stories together, had different teachers in to read to us and made our own puppets to re-tell the story of the three little pigs. We have a set of story cards in Nursery. These are simple pictures that the children use to help them to tell their own stories. All the children have enjoyed using these, and as the week has gone on the stories have become much more detailed as they gained confidence.

The tuff tray has been very busy this week. We have used a variety of different scented play dough and the children have loved deciding what each batch smells like. We have had chocolate, orange, mint, caramel and finally a mixture of them all. While exploring the play dough, the children have had different cutters to use. We used a teddy shaped cutter to tell the story of Goldilocks and the three bears, cubes of play dough to build the little pigs brick house, and spoken about what our houses are built of. We all agreed that we wouldn’t want to live in a house made of sticks or straw! We looked at how some houses have thatched roofs and they are made of straw.

Children also painted toilet rolls pink to create their own little pigs and they then used these to re-tell the story of the three little pigs. We love the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. Many of the children were able to tell this story from memory. We planted our own beans and are looking forward to watching them grow. We shall send them home when they are bigger. Please let us know if anyone manages to grow a magic beanstalk! We have begun work on creating our own beanstalk. This is an ongoing project as it takes a lot of drying time, watch out for pictures as it progresses!

Baking this week was chocolate Gruffalo feet cookies!

The train track has been out a lot this week. The children have negotiated sharing trains and tracks with each other and there has been lots of talk about trips they have been on, on a train.

Sunday is Mother’s Day! We have enjoyed making cards and a little gift for all the Mummies. We hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend.

Reception Highlights

We have had such a super week listening to stories, learning about new words, and being read to by many different people. Thank you to Mrs Johnson, Mrs Marar and Mr McKercher for coming into the classroom and sharing your stories with us. If anyone else would like to come in, please do let us know.

This week we have also been making a bookmark, drawing our favourite book cover, and drawing our favourite characters. On Thursday, the whole PP and JS joined us by wearing costumes. The boys also got their Book Day tokens and we look forward to hearing what book they have bought with it. We also met our Year 8 Buddies who read our favourite stories to us. Friday was Superhero Day, and we definitely had a CRASH, BANG, WOW Day! Supertato is such a fun story, and we really enjoyed making our own Supertatos!


In our PSE this week we have been talking about ‘worries’ and so we thought you could continue with this theme. It is important to keep talking about feelings. We also listened to stories online as part of World Book Day ‘Share a Story’ website.

Ravi’s Roar is all about a boy who gets angry and how he dealt with it. It is about temper tantrums and why others may choose not to play with him. It is about the importance of saying sorry.

Ruby’s Worry is all about a girl who has a worry and she doesn’t know what to do about it. Then she discovers someone else with a worry and they share their worries together. Both books are beautifully written and are perfect for explaining these key issues.

In ICT we always start with a warm up. The boys had to dress Bobbie Bear in the different outfits. They had to find 9 different outfits as he has three different tops and bottoms. Then we played a game, helping Curious George to collect the pumpkins. Then finally we played a game to help the boys improve their mouse control. They had to catch the falling fruit. The top score was 43 out of 50 which was amazing.