Nursery Highlights

What a lovely week we have had in Nursery. It has all been about Spring and Easter. The stories we have read this week include – The Tiny Seed, Jasper’s Beanstalk and Jack and the Beanstalk amongst many others! This has linked in beautifully with our Spring and bean growing activities. The children have been learning the days of the week and also the names of the seasons.

The puppet theatre became a garden centre with some lovely bright flowers, seeds, plants, plant pots and lots of lovely language displayed. The children took turns selling items in the garden centre. This led us to check on our beans that we have planted and we were very excited to see that they have started to sprout! We have spoken a lot about what plants need to grow and how we care for plants. We have begun decorating our mini green house plant pots. Next week we will plant seeds in them before sending them home. Don’t forget to take and send us some photos as the seeds start to grow!

We have used gardening magazines to cut lots of pictures out that we then used to create a lovely collage that is on display on our board. We used a sponge to make some lovely bright butterfly print pictures and the children really enjoyed using broccoli to make pictures of spring trees. These look just like the lovely cherry blossom trees around the grounds of the school. Toilet rolls have also made a fabulous tool to dip in paint and create some wonderful daffodil pictures!

The tuff tray has been lots of fun this week. We had soil, sand, straw and lots of tools and equipment to explore. Children naturally added animals to the tuff tray and one child added the insects and this meant we could use our magnifying glasses to look at the insects and seeds that we found in the soil.

Swimming has been lots of fun. Can I ask that you try to encourage your child to try to dry themselves after a bath please.

We joined in with the whole school Science Week this week and the theme was Time. With this in mind, we used our trampoline and each child had 1 minute to bounce as many as they could. We counted how many bounces we could do in 1 minute.

We have also had lots of fun preparing for Easter. We have been making Easter cards and chocolate easter nests. It was really tricky trying not to eat them as we made them!


Reception Highlights

We have been learning about owls this week. We talked a lot about what a fact is (we teach them it is something that is true) and how we could find out facts. We read owl books, watched videos and discussed the owl facts we already knew. Some of the more bizarre facts are that owls eat their food in one gulp and their eyes are fixed in their sockets, which is why they have to move their entire head to look in different directions. We also learned about Night and Day and the different things that happen in these parts of the day and the animals that are either diurnal or nocturnal. The boys sorted out some pictures according to whether they are associated with night or day. We found out which animals are nocturnal and they enjoyed listening to a silly poem Mr Braidwood had written. Please do continue to bring in something related to these topics that you may have at home. Or maybe take a trip to Eagle Heights this weekend?

For our PSE this week we have read the books ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’ and ‘Owl Babies’. We have discussed how the owls must have felt in both stories and the boys talked about what scares them or makes them worried which then lead on to the more important discussion of what we do if we do feel scared and who can help us, whether it be our family, our teachers or our friends. We also talked about brothers and sisters, as Bill in the story was helped by them when he missed his Mummy. If you haven’t done so already, please watch here this lovely retelling of the story by HRH The Duchess of Cambridge.

The boys have enjoyed learning about clocks and telling the time. They all loved making their own clock and used it to set the time to ‘something o’clock’. Some of the boys were also able to understand ‘half past’ times. We have sent them home so please do use them to practise setting and telling the time.