Science Week
What is time?
This was the question posed to many boys across the school this week and there were some interesting responses. A few of these were heard in the whole school assembly on Friday.
All boys from Reception to Year 8 enjoyed taking part in a whole school science experiment to test their reaction times, we even managed to get some of the staff involved too.

It was amazing to see the boys being so enthusiastic and extremely competitive as they tried desperately to catch their rulers. Very well done to every boy in the school!

Nursery also carried out their own experiment, counting how many bounces they could do on a trampoline in one minute. Congratulations to Sammy, who managed to bounce 124 times!!

Well done to the following boys, who had the fastest reaction times in their year group:

Reception – Jack C
Year 1 – Elijah B
Year 2 – Reuben E
Year 3 – Thomas L
Year 4 – Ethan D
Year 5 – Herushaan M
Year 6 – Tymur R
Year 7 – Louis A
Year 8 – Thomas P