On Wednesday, 6 March, Year 2 visited The Observatory Science Centre, Herstmonceux. The sun came out and the boys (and adults!) were able to play – and learn – outside with the water area. We also built a truss bridge, using our teamwork to do so. Boys explored anything they could get their hands on in the long corridor full of light activities, space, forces, even a tornado! A Space Show was also performed to us, again involving hands-on Science. With the other outside area utterly waterlogged, we were welcomed to visit Dome F, which holds an absolutely massive telescope.

The boys were magnificently behaved and us adults were very proud of them. They all seemed to love it there and want to return! Parents, a fantastic outing during the Easter holidays! Thank you to the parents who stepped in to help us. These trips couldn’t go ahead without you; you are truly appreciated.

Back in the classroom, boys have been learning about multiplication and division in Maths, using arrays.

We have continued our focus of poetry in English and boys have recreated their own version of Kit Wright’s ‘The Magic Box.’ The language the boys have used has been breathtaking and they should all be very proud of themselves writing such beautiful and powerful poems.

In Science, we finished our Materials topic with a fabulous experiment, exploring reversible and irreversible changes. As classes, we made predictions and then tested this concept on an egg, chocolate, butter, bread and ice-cream. The boys were brilliant and really enjoyed it. Their faces were hilarious when they were told the following week that I’d eaten it all for my snack! This week is Science Week, so as a year group we implemented the whole school Science experiment on reaction time. We shall find out the results on Friday…!

Mrs Rix
Year 2 Teacher & Science Coordinator