Nursery Highlights

Plants & Seeds
The children were all very excited to see how much their bean seeds had grown since we planted them before the Easter break! We have had to re-pot them and use wooden canes to support them because they have grown so tall.

In the garden, we enjoyed using scissors to cut up flowers, twigs and small pine branches to develop our cutting skills. We added petals to water to make magical potions. We cut chrysanthemum and tulip stems and looked inside and learnt that they are like straws and this allows them to drink water.

Inside Nursery, we used cardboard tubes with slits at one end and fanned out to dip into paint to make some really wonderful flower prints!

Spring Walk
We were also very lucky and went for a spring walk around the school grounds which meant we could learn which flowers we CAN pick, such as daisies and dandelions, and flowers we CANNOT pick, such as bluebells and daffodils.


In the Nursery garden, we found a bee who had landed on the grass and was exhausted so we gave it some sugary water and watched as it had a drink and then happily flew away. We also found a really big snail. We enjoyed watching the snail as it came out of its shell and left a silver trail as it crept along the wall. The children thought it was very funny to learn that a snail has a foot!


It is lovely to welcome back the boys for their final term in Reception. It doesn’t seem possible but they do say time flies when you are having fun! It is a packed term with many different activities and events. Please do keep your eye on The Friday Report and The New Beacon App and read all about the events in this very busy term. The first few days back has been busy. The boys have worked very hard, and we are sure they are exhausted, as are we!

The boys went for a lovely walk down into the woods to see the bluebells. We were also looking for new life around the school and more signs of Spring. We shall be focusing on the life cycle of a frog next week and the boys have enjoyed listening to stories about frogs all week. There are lots of opportunities to learn about different life cycles in Spring! Please do bring in anything you have at home related to this topic. If you happen to have some frogspawn in a pond at home please do bring some in.

We have recapped addition and subtraction and been using a number line to count forwards and backwards from a number. The boys had to remember which way to jump on their number line depending on which operation they were performing. Just like a frog!

We have had fun looking at spring flowers and preparing some decorations for our classroom windows this week. The boys have used paint to add colour to laminating sheets and then these will be laminated and displayed for you to see soon.

We have also enjoyed the arrival of some caterpillars. Each boy will be following the growth of their named caterpillar, and we will look forward to seeing them grow and then eventually turn into butterflies.

It has been lovely to see the boys playing happily together back at school. We encourage the boys to play with a variety of children, as well as with their established friendship groups. We teach them to always be inclusive with their games and their friends, to ensure that everyone feels welcome and has someone to play with.

Mrs Beresford, Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Taylor & Mr Braidwood